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The reaction of “democorrupters” shows how accurately we hit the target – Derkach

Attempts to label and attack the source only confirm the disclosure of the largest scheme of "democorruption", says Ukrainian Member of Parliament (non-factional) Andrii Derkach, while commenting on a recent statement by US counterintelligence chief William Evanina to Interfax-Ukraine on Monday.
  • 10.08.2020
  • Interfax-Ukraine

Attempts to label and attack the source only confirm the disclosure of the largest scheme of “democorruption”, says Ukrainian Member of Parliament (non-factional) Andrii Derkach, while commenting on a recent statement by US counterintelligence chief William Evanina to Interfax-Ukraine on Monday.

According to Derkach, manipulations around the published materials demonstrate the great harm done to “democorruption”.

“Attempts to peg me only confirm that we have uncovered the largest Democorruption scheme. As soon as you pay attention to how primitive the American media (close to Demoparty)  were pulling the information from my report, you will understand that the facts that were exposed did a great harm to “democorruption”, very large harm, based on the reaction of corrupters,”- said the people’s deputy.

He emphasized that the “democorrupters” could not convince people that the recordings published by him (Derkach) with the voices of Poroshenko-Biden and Poroshenko-Putin are fake.

“Apparently, the records of Poroshenko-Biden and Poroshenko-Putin that I have exposed no longer have the status of “fabricated”. They were published by most known world’s authoritative publications. They were not contested by expert examination, they were not denied in court. And since the democorrupters failed to convince the citizens, neither of Ukraine, nor the United States that the records were allegedly fake, they chose the option of attacking the source. It means that we have stirred up a hornet’s nest. The reaction of the democrats shows how accurately we hit the target, “pointed out Derkach.

He noted that the result of the investigation is important to him.

“We are not interested in Biden as in a candidate for the US presidency and the next showdown between representatives of Republicans and Democrats in the US special services. We are interested in Biden as in a former US vice president who covered up Poroshenko’s corruption schemes, while earning money himself. All my statements were about the corruption in Ukraine, on the fact that the international corruption harming the rights of our fellow citizens who are protected by the Laws and the Constitution of Ukraine.

If someone from American politicians or civil servants cynically used the tapes I’d read out in the confrontations between party stories, the games of the special services supporting one side or the other, then this is not a question that concerns me, just like the question of interpretation and conclusions from the tapes I heard.

We are interested in real steps to return to Ukraine 6 billion of government bonds withdrawn from Ukraine during the reign of Yanukovych and at least 8 billion during the reign of Poroshenko. We also must stop the corruption scheme of the reverse of Russian gas under the guise of European supplies to Ukraine – all citizens of Ukraine suffer from exaggerated predatory tariffs, “- commented Derkach.

While commenting on the interference in the US presidential elections, the Member of Parliament noted that, according to the majority of Ukrainian experts and politicians, it really happened (the interference).

“In 2016, on the part of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, head of the NABU authority(created with the involvement of the American embassy), coordinated actions, at that time diplomats of Ukraine and the United States, with the participation of Member of Parliament  of Ukraine Serhij Leshchenko was conducted an intervention. The goal was to discredit Paul Manafort – the chief of staff of the presidential candidate The United States of Donald Trump, through the release of unconfirmed information and falsified evidence to the media, which, in turn, were confirmed by the recordings of the conversation between Poroshenko and Biden on August 19, 2016 (which has quality sound),”- commented Derkach.

He emphasized that earlier there was no resonance for such statements due to the lack of document support.

“Earlier, when the media, and especially politicians, talked about economic and political corruption, accused someone – such facts were confirmed very rarely by documents, account entries, names of participants, disclosure of corruption schemes, records. The society did not fully accept such accusations, but in our case, in our statement at a press conference with confirming facts, this stirred up the whole country together, criminal investigations began, the danger for corrupt officials became quite real,”- commented Derkach.

The Member of Parliament recalled the five stages of the Kubler-Ross model, according to which a person perceives bad changes in his life: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

“Grant-eaters,” Soros-ers “, and other members of the large trade union movement “Democracy “are now at the second stage – the stage of anger. Hence the labels” KGB “,” RF “and other manifestations of anger from powerlessness appeared. According to the Kubler-Ross model, there are three steps left before prison for democratic corruption: bargaining, depression, acceptance,”-commented Derkach.

According to the Member of Parliament, the most dangerous thing is that “democorruption” has a negative impact on the relations between two strategic partners – Ukraine and the United States.

“We really need the bipartisan support of our strategic partner, the United States. It is only important for us that such bipartisan support is not carried out through the damaging the sovereignty of Ukraine and by “protecting” international corruption. The main goals of our activity are the interests of Ukraine, exposure of international corruption, preservation of partnership relations between strategic partners: Ukraine and the United States,”- summed up Derkach.

On August 7, the head of US counterintelligence Evanina said that with the help of the actions of the Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach, a process of discrediting the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Joseph Biden was taking place.

“For example, pro-Russian Ukrainian parliamentarian Andrii Derkach has been spreading claims on corruption – inter alia through airing phone leaks – to harm the candidacy of former Vice President Biden and the Democratic Party.  Some Kremlin-affiliated people are also eager to promote President Trump’s candidacy on social media and on Russian television,”- Evanina commented in her statement on August 7.