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“Rural children are less prone to flat feet, as they walk barefoot on the grass, on the sand”

  • 21.12.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

The first results of pupils’ examination by orthopedist showed that 5% of children needs immediate treatment.

Before the flu epidemic quarantine and Christmas holidays started, the orthopedists had managed to examine pupils from Putivl, Glukhov, Seredyna-Buda districts and began the attendance in Glukhov schools.

Journalists have communicated with the experts during their visit to the secondary school №2. The examination was held by the Head of orthopedic department of Sumy Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital Elena Kostyukova and orthopedic doctor of Kyiv City Children’s Hospital №2 Alexander Larin.

And the first shock, for mom of a schoolgirl: there was only a few healthy children, just 3-5 persons from the class!

“Often we deal with foot deformations and scoliotic posture”, says the orthopedist Alexander Larin. “By the way, flat foot in pupils from rural areas is discovered considerably less frequently. Rural children help with work on the farm, often run barefoot on the grass, sand, i.e. on an uneven surface. It stimulates sole’s receptors. Meanwhile, townspeople usually go on a flat surface, barefoot on the floor, that is categorically unacceptable for the development of the foot. If a problem is defined in time, the early treatment begins, and we will have a good result. There is a set of exercises, individual orthopedic insoles and shoes are recommended to buy. If one follow the advice, then the deformation is perfectly adjusted by 10-12 years old. We have distributed to pupils special massagers, if necessary. However, there are cases in which surgery is needed.

According to the doctor, up to 5% of the pupils, which have been examined, require immediate and serious treatment. In addition, in many cases, parents did not even suspect that their child was at risk!

Pupils come into medical room in groups, they are asked to bend, squat, stretch arms, and their spines are examined. The doctor says that postural disorder occurs as the consequence of incorrect sitting position, uncomfortable furniture. The best prevention in this case – swimming, it strengthens all the muscles. If this is not possible, it is necessary to form a muscular corset, performing exercises for the press, or on a chinning bar.

We often disclose curvature of spine in primary and secondary schools, while scoliotic posture – in senior school. In many ways, we are dealing with connective tissue dysplasia. It means changes in ligaments, bones, muscles that make tissue defective. It is also a tendency to spinal deformities, which progress more rapidly than others. We also draw the attention of parents to this in our written recommendations. If disease is neglected, such as scoliosis, it will lead to severe disability.

Visit the orthopedists is necessarily when the child turns one, three and six months, three and six years. Formerly pupils have been regularly inspected by classes, disclosing pathology. Unfortunately, such medical examinations are “not popular” at present, for various reasons. Mainly because there are simply no children’s orthopedists in districts. It is inconvenient and expensive to take a child to the regional center”.

Today such large-scale “epidemic” inspections are carried out under the initiative of the MP Andrey Derkach. This is a non-governmental program that is budget funding is not provided; Foundation “Our future” has undertaken all organizational issues.

According to the coordinator of the project “Healthy Child” Ms. Navrotskaya, medical examinations will continue after the holidays. Doctors will examine pupils of each district school.