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Rural roads

In the Hlukhiv district, the roads are being repaired for the money allocated by the region. The road engineering has started to work in the Hlukhiv area since Tuesday, July 31.
  • 01.08.2018
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

In the Hlukhiv district, the roads are being repaired for the money allocated by the region

The road engineering has started to work in the Hlukhiv area since Tuesday, July 31. Thus, the long-awaited repair of the road to the Nekrasove village has begun. It started from the former vegetable storehouse. “We will cut out completely unusable large pieces of the road bed and lay a new paving asphalt, somewhere we will patch up pits. Therefore, in general, this segment will be more or less roadworthy,” says the Chief engineer of the Hlukhiv Road Maintenance Facility Oleksandr Yakimov, who estimates this road as one of the worst in the Hlukhiv area.

Will patch up. For two weeks highway engineer will work near Nekrasove

– We transport 34 children from Semenovka and Kalyuzhne to Nekrasov Training and Educational Facility, and now they will feel more comfortable. Exactly half of UAH 1.2 million was allocated by the regional budget, we gave UAH 400 thousand from the Village Council, another UAH 200 was provided by the district. But this is not enough for that road, we can only patch up the pits. If we will lay asphalt everywhere, there’s only enough for 560 meters. After all, we will have at least 3 km road of some sort, because, otherwise, nobody can get to the village at all,” says the Head of the village Nadiia Kebets.

The road workers plan to meet tight deadlines in two weeks, asphalt is brought from the plant in Banychi.

The region has already used UAH 1.8 million allocated by the regional budget within the co-financing system. Work was completed on the roads to Privillya, Poloshki, Sopych, Vilna Sloboda, Studenka.

For the last time the road from the route Kyiv-Moscow to the Sopych village was repaired in 2014. That time, as the village chairman Vasil Ushachov told us, the pits were set only with broken stones. So soon it was impossible to drive on the road again. When the villagers had heard that their road would be repaired, their joy knew no boundaries. Especially the drivers of the public bus were delighted; it seemed that all the spare bus parts would fly out, while the bus was passing through the Sopych “shaking”.

– In some areas, a new layer of asphalt was laid, on others – only the pits were repaired. It remains to repair literally a hundred meters. The Village Council allocated UAH 100 thousand for repairs. Each agrarian working on our lands provided UAH 50 thousand, there is “Hlukhiv-Agroinvest” and “Dobrobut-12”. Another UAH 200 thousand were received from the district. UAH 400 000 were provided by the regional budget. Therefore, there were UAH 820 thousand in total, for us it is a huge amount which would be difficult to allocated by our own, – says Vasil Ushachov.

According to Igor Filchenko, the Head of the Architecture, Town-Planning, Housing and Communal Services Department of the Hlukhiv Regional State Administration, this year several roads are being repaired within the “50 to 50” formula.

– If the Village Council allocates a half, then another half is provided by the region. But the funding is limited. The Village Council has three possible sources: own funds, funds of agricultural enterprises using these roads, and the district helps a little bit. For example, LLC “Velikan” paid 50% of the segment in Privillya, which costs UAH 1 million, and in Poloshki (the total cost is UAH 200 thousand), so those Village Councils did not contribute their money,” explains Igor Filchenko.

According to Oleksii Tkachenko, Chairman of the Hlukhiv District Council, such a financing option became possible due to to the joint constructive cooperation of People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach, the Sumy Regional Council and the Regional State Administration.

– I do not like to sound plans, but there is a high probability that the Sumy Regional Council will allocate another half a million hryvnia for the repair of roads to Hlukhiv district. We are preparing documents to the next session of the District Council to get the opportunity to invest this money to the road to Pustogorod and Tolstodubove as soon as possible.

There was a pause in the repair of roads for several weeks due to the fact that the branch of the “Hlukhiv Road Maintenance Facility” left all the crews to help colleagues in the Sumy region, where there is a very large amount of work. But in the near future, repairs will begin in Pustogorod, Godunovka, Fotovizh (total cost more than UAH 2 million).

As for the notorious route to the checkpoint “Katerynivka”, which is broken over there, a second tender is currently being held through “Prozorro”. It is a part of the road CP “Mykolaivka” – CP “Katerynivka”, for which the state allocated UAH 146 million. They gave UAH 40 million for the site running through Hlukhiv district. New paving asphalt will be laid from the Hlukhiv outskirts, Ivanivka. Also, the auction for the contractors is expected to be completed for the Dunajec-Semenovka-P44 segment (UAH 5 million is provided from the state budget) and Hlukhiv-Voronezh for UAH 4 million.