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Say goodbye to school, May 31, 2017

  • 31.05.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

The school bell sounded last time for 102 pupils of Glukhov, 31-district, 11-Shalygin and 12- Berezovskaya communities.

Parents, it is your turn for performance!

Not only students were saying goodbye to theirs friends and mentors. The first ballroom evenings were celebrated by graduates of kindergartens. There were hairstyles, beautiful dresses, butterflies, costumes, as well as cameras and photographers – like adults. The video on the Internet of the dance gift of parents from the pre-school “Romashka” was not gone unnoticed. Moms and dads congratulated their kids, dancing under a medley of famous songs. Lambada, the dance of small ducklings performed by adults became a real surprise. The performance was made with assistance of music teacher. By the way, parents had had to go to rehearsals, before the dance masterpiece was demonstrated by their children.

“It was interesting and fun, we tried to show our children how we love hem”, the Head of the Parent Committee Alina Shvedun shares her impressions.

The bench was presented

White bows, aprons, school uniforms of USSR style – this year the eleventh-graders in Glukhov decided not to change the old traditions. However, among other students there is an interesting phenomenon of the choice of festive clothing: who puts on embroideries, and who wears white blouses and shirts. There are many people, many parents, guests at school assembly.

It is still early for boys and girls to relax – tests and admission to universities are ahead. Graduation parties, in contrast to last year, was decided to celebrate after the EIT- on June 24. Only by its results, it will be possible to say exactly how many gold and silver medalists are this year, meanwhile the applicants for gold are 12 pupils, for silver – 1.

In Glukhov it was already a tradition for graduates to present a bench to their native city. The eleventh-graders of all schools presented it in the city recreation park.

Money for education

In Ulanovo village only two girls studied in 11 grade: local Olga Skripchenko and a migrant from the frontline Gorlovka Alena Kazakova. In total, 45 pupils study in the school. Is it few? Such are the realities … However, farewell bell festival traditionally gathers (which has long become an educational and educational complex, having united with a kindergarten) teachers, as well as pupils with their parents, village leaders and local agribusinesses representatives. School sill is decorated with spring irises, lilacs and lilies of the valley.

“You have a very good school, and you will miss it when it is time to leave. May the Lord preserve you all”, the MP Andrey Derkach addressed the children. He stressed that he stands on the position of absolute nonacceptance of hasty closing of schools in villages. On the contrary, he will try to support them, for example, in Ulanovo it is time to think about replacing windows. He also promised to provide school with an interactive whiteboard by September 1, so that rural children would learn the latest technologies and compete with peers.

It is interesting that in Ulanovo it is beneficial to study well. Therefore, three students were awarded from private enterprise “Agrarian Investments” directly at school assembly, among them – the star of the local school, Anna Yaschenko. The girl has honestly earned 1.6 thousand UAH. The Head of the agricultural enterprise, Alexey Zhibik, on behalf of “Rostok-Holding” said that now there is a lot of work in the village, educated specialists are needed, so he urged the youth to go study and return to their native land.