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Shish kebabs, entertainment and three iPhones, September 9, 2017

  • 09.09.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

How Town Day in Hlukhov was celebrated


At the memorial

Traditionally, after celebratory assemblies in schools, the residents of Hlukhov gathered at the Eternal Flame. Entire delegations of educational institutions, enterprises, military and public organizations laid flowers to the monument in honor of the 74th anniversary of town liberation from the fascist occupation.

Moreover, defenders who today protects the independence of the state in the war have been also remembered with grateful words.


From lingerie to a mink coat

In the morning the flavour of shish kebab was inviting in the garden square of Bortnyantskiy and Berezovskiy technical schools. Traders of all kinds of delicacies offered grilled meat (35 UAH per 100 grams), fried potatoes (25 UAH), rice pilaf (35 UAH) and many different dishes. Therefore, despite of a rain, there were people who had desire to taste food. In addition, there was a fair with a variety of goods. It was possible to purchase, as always, embroideries, beads, pottery, various souvenirs, which were offered by visiting merchants.

There were even coats of expensive fur, shoes and clothes. According to observations, the most traded commodity was women’s underwear. It was sold with “promotional discount”, so the young women indulged in real excitement.

The exhibition and sale of local enterprises “Hlukhov produces and offers” opposite the city council, this year was significantly smaller.


I heard how the townspeople called the established festival of potatoes “bulbo-fest” among themselves.

The fresh idea seemed to be interesting, so it was no surprise that people walked around the square and searched for a location with the hope of enjoying a wide variety of potato dishes and buying some new seedlings. 16 squadron came to help the organizers. The military spread out the field kitchen and treated the citizens of Hlukhov with braised potatoes with meat. The queue was incredible!

However, there was no special advertised place, so the festival was reminded of a trivia show, held on the porch of the Palace of Culture.

The audience liked the concert program of local artists, who sincerely tried to make happy compatriots.


Children’s fun

While the weather was good, the children were having fun on the attractions, though, pleasure was not cheap. For example, the entrance to an unusual chamber of horrors in the form of a dragon – 50 UAH, trampolines and carousels – staring from 30. However, opposite the red building of the Hlukhov National Pedagogical University there is a real fairy-tale town for kids – a gift from the MP Andrii Derkach. Children and adults are treated free of charge with cotton candy, popcorn and coffee. In addition, kids are riding a cheerful train, entertaining with trampolines.

“There is much entertainment in the center, but how much money does it cost? I have three children. If to count, I have saved more than five hundred hryvnias on cotton candy, popcorn, trampolines and a train. Yes, we had to stand in line for a while, but my children got what they wanted”, Oksana Tupik says.

All Hlukhov citizens were given balloons. Fans of selfie took photos at the banners “I love Hlukhov” and in a special instant photo box.


Young Taras

Definitely, the monument is discussed very actively in the town. Until the last minute, there was an intrigue as how it would look like. The citizens eagerly waited for the yellow curtain to be removed. However, the opening, which was initially staged quite dynamically, was delayed because of the speakers’ long speech. Then they saw young Shevchenko, walking right on the new pavement, ivied with embroidery of stone. The carriage waits behind him and miniature semi-antique lanterns are made on sides.

The authors were looking forward to this moment. They personally attended the opening: twice winner of the state award in the field of architecture, Sumy resident, Vladimir Bykov and Kharkov resident, sculptor Eldanis Gurbanov.

“It is important for a painter when his creation is implemented”, V. Bykov admitted. “And not only in thoughts, dreams or on paper. When we discussed the project, the mayor said that we did not need another idol. That was the main point we made a start from. We wanted to portray him as he was remembered in Hlukhov”.

At the opening the cost of the composition was announced, i.e. about 20 thousand euros. In addition to funds from the local budget, money was raised from deputies of Sumy Regional Council from their deputy fund, as well as donations from town’s entrepreneurs.