Andrii Derkach
Member of
Ukrainian Parliament
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Shock from dormitory

  • 30.11.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

The MP considers that GNPU dormitory is uninhabitable for youth.

It is said in the MP’s appeal addressed to GNPU dean Alexandr Kurok. In particular, the MP Andrey Derkach writes that on November 17 he visited the dormitory of Oleksandr Dovzhenko Glukhiv National Pedagogical University to congratulate students with their holiday. Living conditions of students aroused the indignation.

“Despite the fact that some funds for diverse needs of the university, including for improvement of housing and living conditions of students, were allocated from the budget and the commercial components of university’s activities, the state of dormitories was awful and inappropriate for adequate accommodation of youth”, says the MP.

He was very astonished by “shower rooms” that are not closed, without walls, and hot water from a few domestic boilers ends on 5th-6th student. Taps are not tightened in so-called kitchens, whereby water is constantly running. In the gym, which is located in the basement of dormitory, the amount of fungus on the walls and ceiling exceeds the number of sport equipment, and the plaster falls off by whole pieces at the slightest touch. It negatively affects both the quality of students’ accommodation and their health.
In the dormitories, the MP also did not see any TV sets previously donated by him.

“With my own eyes I saw that all reconstruction works of shower rooms, toilets, kitchens, gym, corridors and rooms had been carried out by superficial (cosmetic) method, without proper control from university administration, which, in turn, could indicate about the absence of real manager – a host of the university or management participation in shadow and corruption schemes during repairs of dormitories, for the purpose of self-enrichment.

I would recommend you to organize a working group to conduct a quality inspection of the actual condition of dormitories, on the basis of which, the reconstruction project of toilets and shower rooms with their presence on each floor and the project works on replacement windows with energy saving would be developed”, the MP writes in his appeal.

According to him, these projects will be able to take part in the programs of the State Fund for Regional Development or to be included in the projects of social economic development by the joint decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.