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Ukrainian Parliament
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Thank defenders

  • 07.12.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

The town and district have congratulated the military on the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In honor of the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine, more than 100 people were awarded with certificates and gifts. Celebrations began in the District Culture House. The soldiers were congratulated by the MP Andrey Derkach, the Head of District Council Alexey Tkachenko and interim Head of Glukhov RSA Vladimir Kartavyi, military commissar Alexander Khrol.


In addition, in the House of Culture the celebration was ended with a scandal about the repertoire: the representatives of “Svoboda” political party publicly expressed their disapproval over Russian pop songs, especially over the song about Cossacks, “under which one can reward Zakharchenko together with Plotnitskiy”.