Andrii Derkach
Member of
Ukrainian Parliament
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  • 11.05.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach extended his congratulations.

On May 9, 1200 combatants, disabled veterans, and widows of the combatants have received holiday cards and food baskets from Andrii Derkach, Member of Parliament from our constituency. While congratulating his countrymen on Victory Day, he emphasized his gratitude to the older generation for having withstood the most ruthless and atrocious warfare in the history of mankind.

I could have never imagined that a wish for a peaceful sky above our heads would become so relevant in a country, which you helped liberate at such an enormous price. Therefore, May 9 for us, your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, is a sacred holiday and the most important one. If it were not for this day, we would not be able to celebrate many others , – MP says.

The heads of districts, activists, members of local and regional councils, schoolchildren have visited the veterans of Glukhiv, Putyvl, Shostka, Krolevets, Yampol, and Seredyno-Budsk Districts on his behalf.

Saying that the veterans were overjoyed at the attention would be an understatement. Many of them showed 10-15 holiday cards from Andrii Derkach that they had received in all previous years and still keep, as it turns out.