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The main defendant in the case on putting pressure on the Metropolitan Vladimir is not Novinsky but Viktor Yanukovich – Derkach

  • 16.11.2016
  • "Interfax-Ukraine"

In the case of pressure on the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) Metropolitan Vladimir, the main defendant appears to be former president Viktor Yanukovych instead of MP of the faction “The opposition bloc” Vadim Novinsky, who can act in the case as a witness, says independent MP Andrey Derkach.

“The main defendant in the case is Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovich and law enforcement officials. In my opinion, Vadim Novinsky may give evidence as a witness, since he does not avoid from the investigation setting out his version of the events … He is not the key person involved in the case”, as mentioned in the statement of A. Derkach, released on Wednesday.

For this reason, the MP said that he did not intend to vote for the removal of parliamentary immunity from V.Novinsky.

  1. Derkach recalled that three years ago after a conversation with Metropolitan Vladimir and at his request, he addressed to the General Prosecutor’s Office deputy’s appeal for violation of constitutional rights and freedoms and the commission of unlawful acts against the primate of the UOC (MP) from the side of V. Yanukovich and law enforcement officials. This appeal was the reason for the opening of criminal proceedings.

“Notwithstanding any attempts of putting pressure on me during this period, I will not withdraw my appeal as well as to change my testimony. I cannot and do not have any procedural rights to comment any details of the investigation that have become known to me as a witness”, A. Derkach states.

According to him, all the facts and details of the case will be possible to express and hear in open court process. The MP also urged the interested parties not to interfere with the investigation and “not to exaggerate false passions”.

  1. Derkach declares that in recent years “certain politicians, public officials and representatives of the business community” have considered it possible to interfere openly in the internal affairs of religious organizations, trying to adjust them to own short-term tactical interests”, while forgetting that all religious organizations, including the UOC (MP), are separated from the state. “Sometimes the interference reaches the manifestation of the open mentor’s tone and forcing to the execution of his political, image and vested interests”, it is said in the MP’s statement.

“I firmly believe that the present investigation should show to all officials concerned about church life, as well as to zealous benefactors, malicious MPs and sponsors, the boundaries of their actions and to protect church and religious organizations from interfering in the internal affairs of all those who are not members of the clergy or from the executive bodies of these organizations”, emphasizes the MP.

However, he also reminded the representatives of religious organizations that any attempts to interfere in the investigation or trial are deemed to be unacceptable and considered by law as obstruction of the course of justice and establishing the truth in the case. “One should not confuse the ancient tradition of intercession on criminals or wrongfully convicted with undisguised desire to withdraw those people, whose fault is being investigated and is subject to a court verdict, from the application of the law”, said A. Derkach.