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The Verkhovna Rada is urged to dismiss Petrenko from the position of the Head of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

  • 13.06.2016
  • "Interfax-Ukraine"

A group of Members of Parliament has presented a draft resolution at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on relieving Pavlo Petrenko of the position of Justice Minister.

The appropriate draft resolution #4806 was presented at the parliament on Tuesday. The authors of the initiative are independent Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach , MPs from the faction “Opposition Block” Mikhail Papiev , Yuriy Voropaev , Alexander Dolzhenkov , Vasiliy Nimchenko , Alexander Vilkul , as well as MP from the parliamentary group “Rebirth” Gennadiy Bobov .

According to the information available at the parliament’s site, currently the draft resolution has been forwarded for the consideration of the Verkhovna Rada’s leadership.

As previously reported, on June 13, in his commentary to the agency “Interfax-Ukraine” A. Derkach stated that he intended to register a draft resolution on relieving Pavlo Petrenko of the position of Justice Minister of Ukraine at the earliest possible moment.

He explained that in doing so he was urged by instances of “ systemic violations of the laws of Ukraine, negligence for constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens, corruption enabling among the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, intrusion in the work of the judiciary, unlawful pressure exerted upon the Constitutional Court ”.

Mister Petrenko demonstrated the true depths of his inadequacy in his statement made on June 10, where he emphasized the following, all while elaborating on the primary purpose of the Lustration Act: “The most important thing was to prevent the 2005-2006 scenario from repeating itself, meaning when the representatives of the Party of Regions came back to power, which is exactly why this Act caused such a violent uproar among the representatives of this party”. In other words, Justice Minister, whose duties include practical assertion of democratic foundations and implementation of European practices, norms and values, basically admitted to taking part in using the Lustration Act for the purposes of political struggle ”, MP underscored.

According to Derkach, P. Petrenko abuses his authority in political struggle by involving law enforcement in the activity of “pseudo-revolutionary sabbath”.

As early as two weeks ago, the representatives of our interfactional association disseminated an open letter, wherein we had warned the President, the Prime Minister, and law enforcement with regard to possible illegal actions on the part of Justice Minister, Members of Parliament that either promote themselves or directly engage in corrupt lustration “cooperatives”, and pre-paid “activists”, who operate under protection of the Ministry of Justice concerning the fact that it is unacceptable to exert pressure upon the Constitutional Court, attempt to disrupt its hearings, physically intimidate the judges of the Constitutional Court through using illegal paramilitary groups, which basically constitute the militarized extension of political parties”, A. Derkach pointed out.

He added that “ all these unlawful activities of the officials are being documented, examined and soon will be forwarded to the ambassadors of G20 and the leadership of the Council of Europe and the European Union for their consideration ”.

A.Derkach also said that the members of the Interfactional Parliamentary Association “Forbidden to Forbid” delegated him to warn the representatives of the authorities that in case of further negligence towards international obligations, the Constitution of Ukraine, interference in the work of courts, including the Constitutional Court, employment of illegal paramilitary groups in political struggle, further violations of constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine through discrimination based on their political affiliation, they would refer to European agencies and involve European officials in order to develop a procedure for imposing individual sanctions with regard to such Ukrainian officials.