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Time is running out

  • 07.12.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

The delay on finishing the barracks in Glukhov might end with criminal liability for contractors.
Today the military prosecutor is conducting criminal proceedings with respect to poor and untimely repairs and construction of several objects on the territory of the military unit in Glukhov. The main message was announced at the meeting, in the eve of the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine: criminal punishment of the contractors and responsible persons for their control is not a goal itself, but it may serve as a very powerful incentive.


At the initiative of the MP Andrey Derkach, the discussion was attended by the Deputy Governor Ivan Borshosh, the military prosecutor of Sumy garrison, Colonel of Justice Igor Galichanskyi, the Head of the Chernihov Apartment Usage Directorate Colonel Alexander Zubritskiy, representatives of contractors, district authorities, and deputies of the regional council.

The first stage of the barracks shall be put into service on December 31, 2016. This is according to the contract concluded between the North Apartment Usage Directorate of the MDU and entrepreneur V. Gavrilyuk in November last year. Two more contractors won the tender for the repair of the dining room and the construction of the boiler room.

“This construction is under special control of the Defense Ministry. Contractors were not forced to participate in the tender and to assume responsibilities on such shortest deadlines. It is true, isn’t it? They wanted to explore money, so they are ought to fulfill their obligations completely”, the MP underlined his position.

Lot things were made over the past three weeks: water pipelines were installed, the barrack was covered with a roof, there were windows, internal works were started – but still much remained to be done. The main requirement of the authorities and the society is that the works to be carried out in a quality manner, the actual supervision of the builders to be held.

According to the military prosecutor Igor Galichanskiy, it is investigating now, why there has been no interaction between the different departments of the Defence Ministry, when the order was given to move the battalion from ATO zone to completely unfinished place, why the issue of insufficient funding was not raised in the summer. In turn, Ivan Borshosh warned management about fictitious prepayment of those works and services provided to them in the form of sponsorship.

The battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Gromadskyi said that contractors listened to their comments and tried to eliminate the drawbacks.
It should be reminded that the MP A. Derkach over the last year addressed 7 appeals to the President of Ukraine, the Head of the Security Service, the Prosecutor General, the Head of the Committee on National Security and Defence of the Verkhovna Rada, demanding to take control over the issue of construction and repair of barracks, a dining room for the command staff of the 58th separate motorized infantry brigade of the MFU in Glukhov.