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To keep breast healthy

  • 19.10.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Women from Yampolsky were examined by the academician

On October 15-16, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Clinical Radiology, the academician ANVO Ukraine, MD, Professor Bugaytsov Sergei held many-hours-long free attendances in Yampol and Drujba. Upon learning about the arrival of the leading mammologist-oncologist of the country, dozens of girls and women registered for his consultation.

In Yampol Professor Bugaytsov, in addition to the preventive examination, held a round table on the problems of women’s oncology. The press conference was also attended by the MP Andrey Derkach, Head Physician of Yampolsky Central District Hospital Vadim Boychun, Head of District Administration Irina Panchenko, Head of the District Council Olga Gubar.

The leading oncologist of the country emphasized that in Ukraine there is an alarming situation nowadays. Over the past decade, the morbidity rate of breast cancer has increased from 52 to 70 cases per 100 thousand population. “Unfortunately, we expect further growth because the percentage of smoking among young women has become much higher”, said the doctor, speaking about various factors that may affect the disease.

Particularly frightening that the mortality rate reaches 50%, because a lot of cases are detected at late stages. Meanwhile, in America, Canada, Western Europe, the state spends huge amounts of money for the early detection of breast cancer, in Ukraine it is very sad situation.

Statistics were also confirmed by the Head Physician of Yampolsky Central District Hospital, saying that all the problems compounded by lack of specialists: mammologist’s functions are laid upon gynecologists and surgeons.

The arrival of the academician S. Bugaytsov was held in the framework of program “Health of the residents of Sumy region”, initiated by the MP Andrey Derkach. It stipulates public lectures of outstanding Ukrainian doctors and individual attendance by leading experts of Ukraine in various fields of medicine. The MP’s public reception of A.Derkach constantly receives the appeals from district inhabitants referring to health issues, in particular, it concerns assistance in the treatment or specialized medical consultation.

According to the moderators, Professor S. Bugaytsov will visit soon Glukhov, Putivl, Krolevets and other parts of the district. The date of the consultation will be reported.

By the way, October 20 is the World Day of the Fight Against Breast Cancer. Not every type of cancer has its own day. It exists for a reason – breast cancer more than any other forms of the disease takes the lives of women around the world.