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Tours «Good Children»

More than three thousand children were able to see a Christmas fairy tale from the KVN team «Good Children» from Yampil.
  • 18.01.2019
  • newspaper "Неделя"

More than three thousand children were able to see a Christmas fairy tale from the KVN team «Good Children» from Yampil.

With tremendous success, applause and sold-out, the fantastic performance «Alice’s Incredible Adventures» passed in Yampil, Hlukhiv, Druzhba, Seredyna-Buda, Putyvl, the village of Stepne, Krolevets. Young actors from Yampil KVN team «Good Children» struck the professionalism and charisma. For example, in Hlukhiv, there were so many people who wanted to plunge into the theatrical world that they even had to deliver highchairs in the regional cultural center. After the presentation, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden and the heroes danced with children, held competitions, so the kids were not left without gifts.

As told us the head of the KVN team «Good Children» of Yampil district Palace of Children and Youth Creativity Maryna Bannyk, preparation lasted from October. Scenarios of performances are written by the manager herself, and she also processes famous hits. Sometimes senior pupils help with this. The KVN team «Good Children» includes students from Yampil and the district. These are talented young people of different ages who constantly participate in performances.

– For the third year in a row we can travel and show our performances not only on the Yampil stage. Previously it was a pity, because you put a fairy tale, then they will see it and that’s it. But now, thanks to the support of People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach, we managed to show the tale for free ten times. We were able to purchase our own equipment: speakers, remote, microphones, – said Maryna Bannyk.

The budget of the tale is about 26,000 hryvnia. We specially designed and sewed costumes for all the characters. For special effects we used video. Basically, we assembled it ourselves, only one excerpt is taken from the film.
Alice is an ordinary modern girl, who has only one dream – to spend all New Year’s Eve on the Internet, so that no one bothers her. But with the heroine miracles began to happen – she fell into a magical country. One after another, she comes across fairy characters. Each of them has its own image and character: the beautiful Queen Rosa with a whole garden of flowers, the fashionable caterpillar Gusya and her admirer the Beetle in love, the eccentric Rabbit and the Hatter who are late for the ball to the naughty Red Queen, which is only the verbal duel of the Black and White Royal Сhess. The plot of a modern fairy tale is so fascinating that even those children who came to the play with gadgets for two hours completely forgot about existence of their gadgets.

– I read this story in the original, but I liked the production more. Even at some moments I recognized myself. Well, for example, when Alice sat in the tablet. Another very cool sounding modern hits, converted to the content of the fairy tale. I didn’t expect the performance to be so relevant and modern. Waiting for new performances from «Good Children», – said 7th grade of Banychi Educational complex Maryna Hamaley.

No fewer spectators were surprised by the acting game of children.

– Movements, facial expressions, gestures, pronunciation. Like adult actors! Despite all this, even I would like to learn such a skill, – Olena Yurchenko, a teacher at the Hlukhiv boarding school, who shared her seven-year-old daughter Melania to the performance. Probably, the experience of these kids is tremendous, they behave confidently. And the final farewell at all struck to tears.