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Tractor, bread oven and TV sets

  • 15.02.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Svesskiy psychoneurological boarding school has received nearly a million hryvnias.
At the end of last year, Sumy Regional Council has allocated funds to improve living conditions of residents of municipal institution of the Sumy Regional Council, i.e. Svesskiy psychoneurological boarding school.

With the assistance of the MP`s team of our 159 electoral district of Andrey Derkach, in particular, the people’s deputies of Sumy Regional Council Konstantin Tovstukha and Oleg Boyarintsev, our boarding school has received 935 thousand hryvnias. Such amount of money we have got for the first time in many years!

Primarily capital repairs of the dining room have been done: replacement of window units for 112 thousand hryvnias, which contributed to the energy saving and the creation of cozy atmosphere. Moreover, new coolers, chest freezer, cooking pot, electric oven, vegetable cutting machine, potato peeler, electric frying pan, washing baths 3 sectional, industrial tables, trolleys for drying dishes have been bought. Bakery box has been also purchased and now we have always fresh bread.

There is a holiday in washing department! A new washing machine for 50 kg together with centrifuge and hot air blower were set up. Three sofas, two TV sets «Samsung» were purchased for residents of buildings № 1, 2. Furthermore, three computers for improving maintenance were bought.

A tractor with the agricultural equipment were bought for subsidiary farming, namely: cultivators, rototillers, two-row potato planter, potato digger, mower, rotor windrower, etc. – it will to a great extent increase forage reserve for livestock farming and will improve nutrition for wards.

We would like to emphasize that during the existence of our institution such amount of money has not been ever allocated ever. Therefore, on behalf of the administration and the residents of boarding school – we would like to express a big gratitude to all who care about the lives of special people. We wish all the best, good health for their families, God’s mercy and blessings to the MP of Ukraine Andrey Derkach, the deputies of Sumy Regional Council Konstantin Tovstukha, Oleg Boyarintsev, Director of the Department of Social Protection of the population of Sumy Regional State Administration Mikhail Dubrovskiy, Chairman of Yampolskiy District Administration Irina Panchenko.

S.M. Kirkach, Director of KUSOR Svessky psychoneurological boarding school

From Editors

Last week Svesskiy psychoneurological boarding school, where there are more than 160 patients, has been visited by the MP A.Derkach. The purpose of his visit is to ensure that decent conditions have been created in this institution for patients. At the same time, a huge scandal around the mental hospital in the Akhtyrka district where, as it has turned out, the heating system has not been working, is just getting a special attraction.

According to the MP, he had to make sure personally that in the boarding school of his district people did not die from cold. He thanked the staff for their care and responsibility. Of course, there are some problems in the boarding school as well as domestic shortcomings and wishes of patients, therefore, it has been decided to pay attention to them in the near future, for example, to replace sanitary engineering and equip modern hygiene rooms.

The temperature at the time of the visit was + 19-20 degrees.