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“We passed through the salty Atlantic”, May 31, 2017

  • 31.05.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

12 noon of 26th May. A memorable sign to veterans-rocket men is crowded.

At the initiative of the veteran organization of Glukhov, those who 55 years ago as a member of 668 RP took part in the military-strategic operation “Anadyr”. 1962 year. It was a unique operation in all aspects. In the regime of the deepest secrecy, 108 echelons of military equipment and more than 50,000 personnel were transferred to the island of Cuba.

Two nuclear states: the USSR and the United States met face-to-face. Only some hours separated the world from the third nuclear war.

Fortunately, the mind triumphed. The result of “Anadyr” operation was the onset of detente in the world. Under the agreement, the United States exported its missile launchers with nuclear warheads from the territory of Turkey and Western Europe. The USSR took out its missile installations from Cuba.

Under the sound of music, the MP Andrey Derkach presents commemorative jubilee medals to the inhabitants of Glukhov who took part in that operation, wishing them good health and life successes in everything.
On behalf of the executive committee of Glukhov City Council, Deputy Mayor Marianna Vasilieva expressed her gratitude to the rocket warriors for courage and heroism during the performance of the international debt and handed them letters of thanks.

To participate in the event, a delegation of Shostka veteran organization and the Head of the All-Ukrainian Union of Veterans of Cuba Alexey Uspenskiy arrived to us, who in his speech recalled what difficulties had to be faced in Cuba and what heroism our soldiers showed at the same time.

Unfortunately, not all the awards were presented. Years take their toll.

All those who could not come on May 26 to this celebration will receive their medals at home.