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What about hospital district?

  • 08.02.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

The issue of allocating a separate hospital district in Sumy region with the center in Hlukhov remains very important.
At the moment, no one can clearly say how health reform will develop and what will come out of the redistribution of territories to new districts, what medical services and where we will receive them.

госпітальний округ

However, Hlukhov Mayor Michel Tereschenko, on his page in the social network has said that “we do not have a chance to become the center of the future hospital district. This is unrealistic. However, we will get a special status for our hospital and, probably, we will be able to develop it even more without having pressure to be in the center of the hospital district”. Who puts pressure, and why it is bad to be the center of the hospital district – he does not report.

At the same time, there is no official information on the Government’s final decision regarding the districts issue. Last week, the Head of the Regional Health Department, Sergey Butenko, holding a meeting in Yampol, he confirmed that Hlukhov district is planned and mentioned that the possibility of attaching to it some part of Yampol district had also been considered in certain circles.

Nevertheless, the information, which the MP Andrey Derkach has shared, does not take the last hope. So, on his Facebook page the MP posted an interim response of the Health Minister Ulyana Suprun. She informs that for the time being, the Health Ministry processes the documents submitted by regional state administrations in order to forward them for approval by the Government. It is said in the letter that in the proposals of the Sumy State Administration the creation of the Hlukhov hospital district is envisaged.

“At the moment everything is moving towards the fact that it will be created! I continue to keep this issue under control”, said Andrey Derkach.