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XVI International Festival of Orthodox cinema «Pokrov» took place in Kiev

The opening of the XVI International Festival of Orthodox Cinema «Pokrov» was held at the National Opera of Ukraine.
  • 16.10.2018
  •, News One, newspaper "Неделя", UA:Перший

The opening of the XVI International Festival of Orthodox Cinema «Pokrov» was held at the National Opera of Ukraine.

Surely, people far from modern Orthodoxy will think that such events are boring, overloaded with moralizing and ecclesiastical terminology. But this festival in its fullness the sense understood by everyone. Here they talk about kindness, humility, love, humanity by the simple words.

– Film Festival is an attempt to show that a cultural potential by cinematography is powerful. «With it, you can bring up the Orthodox spirit in a person, correct understanding of God, faith and to show, how he should behave in the worldly life», blessed the opening of the festival in a video message of His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onuphrius.

This year, the International Festival “Pokrov” was dedicated to the 30-year revival of the Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. They talked about the history of the monastery, about its difficult and good times, about construction, destruction and rebirth. But the main thing is the events of 1988. First Divine Liturgy carried out on June 25, which was the beginning of rebirth of the monastery. People who stood at the origins of this event spoke from the scene. Stories of festival guests alternated with pieces about the monastery life.

–«At all times, the Orthodox Church had the burden of persecution, trial, betrayal, the choice between serving God and serving money. But I would like that every priest in every parish remembered that he was not alone; that every one of believers in Ukraine know that God and Orthodox brothers are with him», said the president of Festival People’s Deputy Andriy Derkach.

The children’s choir «Litana», the best voice of classical music in Spain Yuri Godo, the popular artists of Ukraine Irina Bilyk and Nina Matvienko, performed on the scene for guests. At the opening, guests and spectators twice stood praying for Ukraine. Traditionally, the festival was held charity event “Mercy”. A deaf girl Maria Shevchuk received a cash prize from the Smart Holding group of companies and from the International Charitable Foundation in honor of the Holy Virgin. Founder of the first in Ukraine Orthodox rehabilitation center for the blind Vladimir of Tours received a certificate too. Financial assistance was provided to the Kiev Center for Palliative Care for Children. They also decided to support the 12-year-old young singer Olesya Vorobeva from Donetsk, who from the scene showed the audience her unique clear voice.

Discovery of the festival was the premiere of the feature film « The Neophyte’s Error. Great post» by the Belarusian director, Vitaly Lyubetsky. Film easily and naturally tells us that everything has to happen gradually in the spiritual life. A total of 70 films from Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Serbia, the United States and Russia apply for the main prizes in the animation, short, documentary and full-length films nominations.

You could be assessed these competition works in Kyiv Cinema House.