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«Yaroslav» came to Krolevets

New production in Krolevets earned on the place of the former factory of artistic weaving.
  • 12.12.2018
  • newspaper "Неделя"

A sewing factory has opened in Krolevets, where 300 people will work.


New production in Krolevets earned on the place of the former factory of artistic weaving. From 1922, terry towels, popular in many countries, were produced weaving towels here. But in the 90s everything fell into neglect. The company «Yaroslav» is one of the leaders in Ukraine for the production of textiles – last year bought an emergency building, and today there are a hundred people working there. Recently opened a company store, where there are always promotions and discounts for different goods.

Director of the Krolevets factory Yana Mordovtseva, showing journalists possession, which is 4 thousand square meters, says that she had to reconstruct and rebuild almost everything. Actually, at the entrance hang photos, this clearly shows «Before» and «After». There are modern building with all the conditions for the staff rises, warm bathrooms, showers, a dining room is equipped, where workers will be fed free on the place of dilapidated walls. But the shop where dozens of women are sitting at the sewing machines is most striking. If to be honestly, we have already lost the habit of such a scale.

The trademark «Yaroslav» (and this is the «Yaroslav» private enterprise in Kiev, the factory «Promin» and the Bohuslavsk cloth factory in the Kiev region and the Steblevsk spinning and weaving factory in Cherkasy region) specializes in home textiles: bed linen, blankets, towels and etc. They are engaged in sewing linen knitwear, robes, pajamas and work clothes in Krolevets. For example, when we were visiting the factory, the whole workshop was laid down with winter jackets for «Nova Poshta» – just fulfilled a large order for this company.

– «We have more complicated production than making bed linen. We make a figured cut and sew different things, the planned release per month is up to 50 thousand units of goods», – says the director, trying to explain to the journalists the specifics.

Yana Mordovtseva is a seamstress, but not from Krolevets. She gained a lot of experience at various light industry enterprises, for example, at the Lugansk factory «Style», which the company «Gloria Jeans» bought over time. She is one of those whom four years ago was called «immigrants» for lack of another word to designate thousands of people who made the difficult decision to leave the occupied territories of Donbass. Activity Yana Viktorivna does not complain about life, she is in care. We asked about the difficulties encountered in the role of director. «If there is a desire to work, to create something, there can be no difficulties!» – answered she.

By the way, «Yaroslav» as a relic today keeps the machines of the former factory of artistic weaving.



The first trial dresses in Krolevets began to sew in September last year. While a new workshop was being built, a dozen or two dozens employees were testing technology. Fortunately, there is no particular problem with the staff, because almost every third woman in Krolevets studied at a local seamstress school. Today, the company already employs about a hundred people, in the near future will be another 60 specialists. In 2019, in the so-called old building they plan to open another workshop. In total, the company can work up to 300 people, mostly women. What does this mean for a small town, from where it is massively leaving for work, we don’t need to tell.

«I am a seamstress by profession, I once worked in Krolevets on a «baguette», sewed blankets. Then everything fell apart. I took up business in the local market. But what are now trading, you know. When the factory opened, I gladly came here to work on a flooring machine. Here I am in warmth, in goodness», – said Oleksandra Samoylenko.

«I was without work. After closed the veterinary laboratory, I stood on the exchange. And since I am a seamstress by training, from there I was sent to the factory. I had to learn an automatic machine, but it turned out to be easy, we quickly get used to good», – said Tetiana Ivanchenko.

«I studied in Krolevets vocational school for seamstress and cutter. After graduation, I worked in a private company, but then I decided to come here. Now I am engaged in tailoring of children’s undershirts. Here we have all the conditions for comfortable work, the main thing is the desire to work», – said Olena Bibik.

The work requires effort and diligence, many who came, could not join the necessary rhythm. Salary at the factory is from the production, it all depends on the skill of the specialist. According to the director, some may get 3 thousand hryvnias, others – 9. Each product is checked for quality, a defect is a minus from the salary.



Excursion for numerous guests, among which were People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach and head of the Sumy Regional State Administration Mykola Klochko, on the day of the official opening was personally held by the owner of the «Yaroslav» company Oleksandr Barsuk. He did not hide the fact that he did not immediately stop at Krolevets. Considered options for placement of production in Hlukhiv, went to watch in Putyvl. One of the decisive advantages in favor of Krolevets was the pressure of the mayor of Oleksandr Bobrovytskyi, who not only persuaded the investor to invest in the community, but also in fact helped everyone that was in his power. Much remains to be done both in terms of production and landscaping, but these are already operational issues. Earlier, Olexander Barsuk reported that he annually invests about $ 1 million in equipment and modernization of production facilities.

Governor Mykola Klochko said that in fact it is very important for businessmen to feel the support and interest of local authorities in development at the stage of organizing production, and he wished growth and prosperity.

«I am sure the factory team will be formed. I see here experienced aksakals whom you invited. The youth will be tightened, and everything will be fine. It is you who create the country’s GDP with your own hands, so in fact the opening of a garment factory in Krolevets is an important event.», – said the Deputy Andrii Derkach, who at one time gave a shoulder in solving some technical issues when opening a factory.

Oleksandr Bobrovytskyi, the Mayor of Krolevets, is obviously glad: the community has new jobs, investments, taxes to the budget, students of Higher Vocational School № 23 have a place to practice, they can think about employment.