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#YouthIsOne (#MolodYedyna)

On Youth Day, Hlukhiv, Krolevets, S-Bud, Putivl, Yampol and Svess simultaneously thundered the project #MolodYedyna.
  • 02.07.2019
  • newspaper "Неделя"

A grand project united the youth of six cities of Sumy region.

On Youth Day, Hlukhiv, Krolevets, S-Bud, Putivl, Yampol and Svess simultaneously thundered the project #MolodYedyna. On a huge screen, were streaming different locations: the cities greeted each other, passed on their wishes and together they searched for solutions in an incredible quest. The holiday, which united the northern part of the Sumy region, was held with the support of People’s Deputy Andriy Derkach. Everyone had the opportunity to ask him their questions and get answers.

In Hlukhiv, the action took place in the courtyard of the HNPU after A. Dovzhenko. Here gathered the most creative youth. Participants were divided into five teams, each had its own color. Moderator’s teams received tasks and riddles on the phone. New level – new locations.

Therefore, if on that day you saw how groups of young people frantically ran around the city, performed various figures and took pictures, do not be surprised! These were quest members. As a result, each team guessed the letter, which was part of the slogan “Youth is one – this is the strength of our country.” It was made with the help of all teams from six cities.

Also among the quest participants were played out the lottery. So, Oleg Oleg Goy won the printer. HNPU student Katerina Novikova became the owner of a new laptop, and her brother Viktor Novikov received a microwave.

– We didn’t expext this ! My brother and I were in different teams, and it was so purely by chance that he and I got cool prizes. This is incredible! – tells Catherine, she’s full of impressions.

The fridge got the student Marina Abbasov. The girl called her father directly from the stage called her father to help to pick up the prize. Perplexed man for a long time could not believe the luck of his daughter. Within a few hours, he came to pick up the surprise.

– You won’t believe me, but my grandmas fridge broe down recently, so the gift – at right moment. In general, I really liked the holiday and the quest. This is very cool, there has never been such a thing in Hlukhiv yet, – shared Marina.

The famous Hlukhiv volunteer Olexandr Miroshnichenko was brought on the stage, he set an ambitious task: to save the monument of architecture in the center of the city, the house of Miklashevsky, from destruction and temporarily to hold it up for better times. He was thanked for his activity and good work, which half of Ukraine already knows about, and was presented with a laptop.

After the quest and raffle of gifts explosive disco from Dj Prohor with multi-colored holi paints were waiting for young people. The “U.G.” and “Sev3n” singers also came to congratulate the Hlukhiv residents. Young people joined the #TriangleDance, the world’s most popular dance flashmob. Triangular dance was videotaped.