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    Christmas greeting
    Kids from the Sumy region took part in a children’s holiday called «Metropolitan Christmas tree».
    The atmosphere of celebration
    On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, children in boarding schools were congratulated in the Sumy region.
    It is time to do good things
    Charitable actions for the Day of Saint Nicholas began in the Glukhov district.
    State Bureau of Investigation opened criminal proceedings against NABU, – court decision
    The State Bureau of Investigation opened criminal proceedings against NABU employees who persecuted representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine who were involved in the case of judge Chaus.
    Yasnovelmozhnomu panu Danilovu, zoologu luganskomu, – People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach appealed to Danilov in Latin script, warning of criminal orders
    People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach appealed to Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov, informing about the consequences of the execution of criminal orders.
    Andrii Derkach: “Today the Government imposes sanctions on the Future of Ukraine”
    People's Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach shared how he lives under the double sanctions of the United States and Ukraine and how it is possible to put an end to the lawlessness of the NSDC in an interview with "Strana".
    Seredyna-Buda celebrated City Day
    On September 5, City Day was celebrated by a city in Sumy Oblast of northeastern Ukraine - Seredyna-Buda. In the morning, attractions for children began to work in the centre: trampolines, slides, swings, electric cars.
    The winners of the Shostka City Day quest received Apple gifts
    On September 3, connoisseurs of memorable places of their native land had the opportunity to have fun and get an iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods gadgets. Such gifts for the Day of the city of Shostka were made by the Non-governmental Organization “NASH KRAY - Sumy region" and the charitable foundation named “Our future”.
    Citizens of Krolevets celebrated City Day
    Entertainment for children and adults, fair, street food festival, live sculptures, orchestra music, gala concert and fireworks - on September 4th Krolevets ambitiously celebrated City Day.
    Shostka celebrated City Day in a big way
    Shostka City Day is celebrated on the 3rd of September. This is a joyful, but at the same time touching event, because this date marks the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Shostka from the German-fascist invaders.
    “NASH KRAY” vigorously fights against the closure of rural schools
    People's Deputy Andrii Derkach recon that the closure of rural schools is one of the most painful topics for the Sumy region, and Ukraine as a whole.
    Andrii Derkach congratulated residents of Glukhiv on a triple holiday
    Traditionally, we did not only celebrate the day of our beloved Glukhiv, but also the anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Nazi invaders. Sincere thanks to our grandparents for the fact that we have the opportunity to celebrate feasts!
    Six residents of Glukhiv won Apple gifts for participating in the City Day quest
    On September 1, connoisseurs of memorable places of their native land had the opportunity to have fun and get an iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods gadgets. Such gifts for the Day of the city of Glukhiv were made by the Non-governmental Organization “NASH KRAY - Sumy region" and the charitable foundation named “Our future”.
    The memory of the soldiers who died in World War II was honoured in Krolevets
    Today, the memory of the soldiers who died in World War II was honoured in Krolevets and the 76thanniversary of the liberation from German-fascist invaders was celebrated. 
    City Day was brightly celebrated in Glukhiv
    On September 1, Glukhiv celebrates three holidays at the same time: the 78th anniversary of liberation from German-fascist invaders, City Day and Day of Knowledge.
    Believers showed support for the Church: Derkach supported a cross procession in Kyiv
    People's Deputy Andrii Derkach stood up for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has been under attack for many years.
    In the Sumy Regional Council “Servant of the People” with “European Solidarity” created a coalition to cut the region, – Derkach
    The factions of "European Solidarity", "Servants of the People" and “Opposition Platform — For Life” created a coalition in the Sumy Regional Council . About this in his telegrams -channel said MP AndriI Derkach.
    During the celebration of the Great Victory, I want to express my gratitude to your generation of Winners! Our generation has grown up on your biographies, on every example, permeated with sincerity, dedication, love, faith in a happy, peaceful future.
    Derkach demanded that Venediktova verify Razumkov’s involvement in the shadow sale of Sumyteploenergo
    Sumyteploenergo is being prepared for a shadow sale, in which the head of Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Razumkov may be involved. This was announced by MP Andrii Derkach in an appeal to Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova.
    Andrii Derkach won the trial against Zlochevsky’s Burisma for the second time
    Burisma has lost an appeal in a lawsuit filed against non-factional MP Andrii Derkach.
    New NSDC sanctions: Burisma and KROLL. For what a record bribe in the history of Europe was given
    New NSDC sanctions: Burisma and KROLL. For what a record bribe in the history of Europe was given
    An assassination attempt against me and the ex-prosecutor of the GPU Kulik is being prepared, – Derkach
    People's Deputy Andrii Derkach announced that an assassination attempt was being prepared against him and the ex-Prosecutor of the GPU Konstantin Kulik, its perpetrators had already arrived in Ukraine.
    What they forgot to include in the US intelligence community assessment and how Petro ruled the country (AUDIO)
    In light of the US intelligence community assessment and my name in it, I consider it necessary to shed light on how this assessment was issued, the role of Poroshenko in this story, and the real consequences of the assessment for the Ukrainian leadership.
    Members of Parliament, cultural figures and journalists expect real reconciliation of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine from Bartholomew
    Members of Parliament of Ukraine, public figures, cultural figures, as well as Ukrainian journalists appealed to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew with an appeal to start an inter-Orthodox dialogue on the Ukrainian issue with the participation of all 14 Orthodox churches.
    Address to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Archbishop of Constantinople and New Roman
    Address to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Archbishop of Constantinople and New Roman
    Andrii Derkach: “We published only 45 minutes from the record of Poroshenko’s conversations. There are still 5 more hours”.
    Member of parliament Andrii Derkach is the “producer” of probably the most famous "cassette scandal" in Ukraine after Olexander Moroz, who published "Melnichenko's tapes" with the voice of President Kuchma 20 years ago.
    Parliamentarians demand lower tariffs in Ukraine
    Elected politicians together with the deputies of the regional council of Sumy region, filed a lawsuit to the District Administrative Court of Kyiv.
    “Nash Kray” through the court demands to reduce heat tariff
    Representatives of the party "Nash Kray" appealed to the District Administrative Court of the city of Kiev with a demand to cancel the decision of the NEURC on raising tariffs.
    Member of Parliament Derkach submitted an application: Office of the Attorney General would be attended to Finance Minister Marchenko due to underfunding of the fight against coronavirus
    The Office of the Attorney General is obliged to submit information to the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations to establish the facts about the deliberate targeted genocide of the Ukrainian people due to the underfunding of the medical field.
    Derkach registered a draft resolution on the resignation of Marchenko – the Minister of Finance
    Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach registered the project in parliament resolution on the resignation of Marchenko - the Minister of Finance.
    Andrii Derkach highlighted the help to the temple in the Rivne region from friends and sponsors of the “Pokrov” festival
    Friends and sponsors of the Pokrov International Orthodox Film Festival will help to complete the work in the Church of St. George the Victorious in one of the villages of Rivne region, which needs help to complete the iconostasis.
    Film about Lomachenko and Usyk will be shown at the Pokrov International Orthodox Film Festival
    The XVIII Pokrov International Orthodox Film Festival has started at the festival of Orthodox cinema "Pokrov", it is held in an online format. The opening ceremony is broadcast locally from studios in Kyiv and Moscow.
    Media: Member of Parliament Derkach announced the collusion of Yermak and Poroshenko behind the president’s back
    Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach claims that Petro Poroshenko and the head of the President's Office Andrii Yermak "conspired with each other behind the back of President Zelensky to help Poroshenko stay out of prison."
    “Ukraine is not an ATM”: Andrii Derkach offered the West to return the $ 13 billion withdrawn from the country instead of the IMF tranches
    The West should return the money withdrawn from Ukraine, in particular, this concerns the companies within the jurisdiction of the United States.
    “Naftogaz” is one of the schemes that has direct Biden’s “protection”, – Derkach
    "Naftogaz Ukraine" is one of the schemes, which is directly under "protection" of former US Vice President Joe Biden.
    The Pechersk District Court dismissed “Burisma’s” claim against Derkach
    The Pechersk District Court of Kiev dismissed the claim of the “Burisma” company against the Member of Parliamet of Ukraine Andrii Derkach and the “Interfax-Ukraine” news agency on the protection of business reputation, according to the court decision, which Derkach published on his Facebook page.
    Derkach through court demands from Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send a note of protest to the United States
    Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach requests the court to declare unlawful the fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not submit a note of protest over the interference by US officials in the internal affairs of Ukraine.
    Derkach offered the mayor and deputies of Sumy to return the CHP system to communal ownership in order to reduce tariffs
    Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach appealed to the mayors and deputies of Sumy, Cherkassy, Chernigiv and Kyiv with a proposal to return immediately the CHP (combined heat and power) system to communal ownership.
    Derkach filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
    MP Andrii Derkach went to court with a statement of claim, demanding to recognize as unlawful the inaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. He stated this at a press conference dedicated to new facts revealing international corruption and external governance of Ukraine.
    Derkach and Kulyk unveiled a scheme of external governance of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine
    Andrii Derkach and Konstantyn Kulyk published data on how control over the Prosecutor General's Office was exercised and how the money of Ukrainian and American taxpayers was misappropriated.
    Derkach released schemes of theft using tariffs and proposed to reduce them by a third
    Gas and electricity tariffs in Ukraine can be reduced by a third if corruption schemes are eliminated. This was announced today at a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency by MP Andrii Derkach.
    Press conference is dedicated to new facts revealing international corruption and external governance of Ukraine.
    Andrii Derkach: Doctors such as Todurov will correct the medical reform of Suprun’s paramedics
    On September 11, on the basis of the Sumy Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary took place a reception with specialists from the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
    Derkach: how will the “foresters” survive when the cost of supplying a carriage is equal to the cost of a forest?
    Prevent the introduction of a single price for the transport of goods by rail, which could bury the logging industry. This statement was made by the leader of the party "Our Land" in the Sumy region, Member of Parliament- Andrii Derkach on the air of the TV channel 112.
    Derkach: it is necessary to bring the members of the “Naftogaz” supervisory board to the “Frunze” factory so that they look into the eyes of the workers
    JSC "Sumy NPO" (formerly JSC "Sumy NPO named after M. Frunze") was destroyed by the supervisory board of "Naftogaz", about 10 thousand people lost their jobsа.
    Derkach: Imposition of sanctions by United States Department of the Treasury against me is the revenge from Biden and his accomplices
    MP Andrii Derkach explained the imposition of sanctions against him as revenge for exposing corruption in the upper echelons of the US Democratic Party. He stated this on his Facebook page.
    At the convention of “Nash Kraj” was presented a team for elections
    At the convention in Kiev "Nash Kraj" presented the team with which it enters the elections. On it informs the press service of the Party.
    Lessons of Christian ethics in Ukrainian schools are initiated by “Nash Kraj”
    Member of Parliament of Ukraine, co-chairman of the party "Nash Kraj" - Andrii Derkach said that the political force came up with an initiative to conduct lessons of Christian ethics in schools. He announced it at a press conference.
    Happy Independence Day!
    True Independence – it is… There must have been congratulations on the Independence Day. But these days, you will see dozens of such congratulations. Creative and one-size-fits-all, from officials and politicians, on the Internet and on TV. Everything along the traditional lines: “We got it” and “We achieved it”.
    “Nash Kraj” from Sumy region will participate in elections to councils at all levels, led by Derkach
    The party "Nash kraj" will take part in the local elections scheduled for October 2020 in the Sumy region, and its representatives will be nominated to councils at all levels, - reported the press service of the political force on Wednesday.
    The reaction of “democorrupters” shows how accurately we hit the target – Derkach
    Attempts to label and attack the source only confirm the disclosure of the largest scheme of "democorruption", says Ukrainian Member of Parliament (non-factional) Andrii Derkach, while commenting on a recent statement by US counterintelligence chief William Evanina to Interfax-Ukraine on Monday.
    NABU tried to hinder the appointment of Shevchenko to the post of head of the National Bank, – Derkach
    NABU employees were supposed to carry out searches at Kyrylo Shevchenko's place in order to deter his candidacy from being considered at a plenary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
    Biden Asked Poroshenko Not To Conduct Sabotage Operations In Crimea – Derkach Records
    Former vice president of the United States Joe Biden asked former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko not to conduct sabotage operations in Russia and the Russia-annexed Crimea.
    New facts of international corruption and external governance of Ukraine
    Full text of the press conference: «New facts of international corruption and external governance of Ukraine».
    “-25% fares. Stop corruption”: a new inter-factional association was created in the Verkhovna Rada
    An inter-factional deputy association "-25% fares. Stop corruption" was created in the Verkhovna Rada, over which the member of parliament Andrii Derkach (non-factional) has an honour to preside.
    Derkach released new records of conversations between people “who appear to be Biden and Poroshenko”
    At the press conference in Interfax Ukraine, the Member of the Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach unveiled new records of conversations between people “who appear to be Biden and Poroshenko”.
    New details in the case of Burisma bribe, as well as new records of conversations testifying to international corruption and the external governance of Ukraine
    New details in the case of Burisma bribe, as well as new records of conversations testifying to international corruption and the external governance of Ukraine
    Why Petro Oleksiyovych will look good in orange uniform
    Почему Петру Алексеевичу будет к лицу оранжевая униформа
    Derkach was deported from Russia in 2017, – Nalyvaichenko. Document
    Member of the Parliament Andrii Derkach was deported from Russia in 2017. This was stated in a blitz interview with Ukrainian News Agency by the former Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko.
    MP Derkach hands over materials to PGO allegedly testifying to Biden’s influence on Poroshenko
    Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach has made public audio materials that may indicate the influence of ex-Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden on the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
    Recordings of telephone conversations with voices similar to those of Petro Poroshenko and Joseph Biden, testifying to the facts of international corruption and treason at the highest state level
    With gifts and songs!
    On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Victory Day in Hlukhiv, veterans were congratulated at their place.
    Only few people celebrated the Victory Day in the Yampol region, but it was sincerely more than ever!
    Today in Yampol region took place celebrations on the occasion of the Victory Day over Nazism in World War II.
    Dear countrymen! Dear veterans, children of war!
    Victory Day - is the memory of the heart that every family carefully preserves. This is what unites us and makes us invincible while facing any trials.
    Trying on new things
    The benefactors donated 40 reusable costumes to the Hlukhiv Infection Disease Department, but respirators and other protective equipment are still needed.
    Before the holiday
    On the eve of the Christ Resurrection, all retirees from Hlukhiv, Hlukhiv district, and UTC received food packages, including a fragrant Easter cake.
    US Department of State representative George Kent contributed to the embezzlement of US taxpayers’ money through a shell company – Derkach
    MP Andrii Derkach appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office with a statement outlining the facts of fraudulent use of financial assistance provided by the USA involving George Kent, the former Chargé d'Affaires, a.i. of the USA in Ukraine. A scanned copy of the statement is published on MP’s Facebook page.
    Int’l donors asked not to send aid to Ukraine though corrupt structures led by Sherembei, Shabunin both close to NABU chief Sytnyk
    Charitable organization have called for the removal Vitaliy Shabunin and Dmytro Sherembei, whom the court brought to responsibility four times, from the governing bodies of the "Stop tuberculosis. Ukraine" Partnership over the charges of embezzlement of funds allocated for patients.
    Ukrainian Giuliani ally hires ex-lawmaker to lobby Trump administration
    A Ukrainian associate of Rudy Giuliani has hired a business partner of Erik Prince to lobby Washington on his behalf regarding “corruption,” according to public records and interviews.
    “Dossier of Giuliani”: media informed on the investigation of Trump’s lawyer on the theft of billions dollars allocated for technical assistance to Ukraine
    One of the investigative cases concerns the possible theft of 133 million $ allocated by the United States for people with AIDS.
    The corruption pyramid. What will be the result of the theft of American aid to Ukraine, which is alleged by Giuliani?
    In the United States, is occurring an issue of plundering American aid in Ukraine during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko.
    To dress a physician
    The people's deputy Andrii Derkach handed over one thousand reusable protective suits to the district.
    Andrii Derkach: “The main task now is to minimize the risks”
    The People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach initiated several meetings with district leaders, doctors and the police.
    Derkach proposes NABU reorganization to Zelensky
    Member of Parliament Andriy Derkach (independent) has proposed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky change the leadership of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and create a working group to reorganize it.
    Derkach claims that his visa to the USA was revoked after Biden was summoned to court
    Member of the Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach (independent MP) said that his visa to the USA was revoked after Biden was summoned to court to prevent him from participating in the investigation of the role of the former Vice President in Burisma operations."
    Derkach invites Biden to testify in Ukrainian court via videoconference
    Member of the Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach (independent MP) invited former US Vice President Joseph Biden to Ukrainian court to answer questions related to Burisma Gas Company.
    Deputy on the law
    The people's deputy considers that it is urgently necessary to provide equipment for Sumy region and to strengthen regional hospitals.
    Derkach and Dubinsky propose to ban foreigners from being members of the supervisory boards of Ukrainian state enterprises
    The bill, which proposes to ban foreigners from being members of the supervisory boards of state enterprises, as well as to limit the maximum monthly remuneration to their members, was drafted by the Members of the Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach and Alexander Dubinsky.
    Derkach told Giuliani about the theft of the American financial assistance to Ukraine
    People's Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach during an interview with Rudolf Giuliani - the lawyer of the President of the United States told him about the documented facts of the theft of the American financial assistance to Ukraine.
    Derkach during an interview with Giuliani: the US Embassy constantly intervened and blocked any investigations of the theft of assistance to Ukraine
    People's Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach in an interview with Rudolf Giuliani - the lawyer of the US President, told about the pressure of the US Embassy in Kiev and blocking any investigations regarding the embezzlement of international financial assistance to Ukraine.
    Felicitations to the women!
    People’s deputy Andrii Derkach congratulated women of the Putivl region, the Hlukhiv region and the Yampol region on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
    Quick buck
    Is it logical? The head of the regional ambulance receives 100,000 UAH bonuses, and in the Hlukhiv region they can completely close the substation due to a lack of funds.
    Potholes and cracks
    District deputies are asking the government to complete the repair of the road to CP ‘Katerynivka’.
    National Police launches inquiry into work of Ant-Corruption Action Center under appeal of MP Derkach
    The National Police has entered into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations a case on the possible theft of international technical assistance with the participation of the Anti-Corruption Action Center.
    People’s deputy from Sumy region Andrii Derkach initiated offsite meetings of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service of Ukraine to the countryside.
    Two family-type orphanages were opened at once in Krolevets. People’s deputy Andrii Derkach, who always supported foster families and families with many children in the district, helped family-type homes in other areas, brought domestic appliances, toys, sweets.
    Appointment with a student activists
    In the GATI SNAU and GNPU, took place traditional meetings of the people's deputy and administration with students.
    Christmas tree from the Metropolitan
    On the day of the holiday of the Nativity - January 7th , children from Hlukhiv, Yampol, Seredina-Buda, Krolevets, Putivl and Konotop visited the charity festival “Christmas Nativity Scene 2020”. The people’s deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach helped to implement the trip.
    “My angel, be with me”
    On the eve of St. Nicholas's memory day, People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach visited the Putivl and Shalygine boarding schools.
    New facts of international corruption: oligarch, officials, stolen billions and US presidential candidate
    Today I will release new facts of international corruption. They will relate to two stories: how they steal money from Ukrainians with the help of a gas tariff scheme and purchases of so-called European gas.
    MP Derkach says $29 mln transferred by Pinchuk Foundation to U.S. presidential candidate Clinton might have been stolen from Ukraine
    Ukraine and the United States should investigate the transfer of $29 million by businessman Victor Pinchuk from Ukraine to the Clinton Foundation, Ukrainian Member of Parliament (independent) Andriy Derkach has said.
    MP Derkach says Naftogaz CEO Kobolev, Favorov ‘naftogazed’ $1.5 bln from Ukrainians with Biden’s full knowledge
    NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy's top management would sell Russian gas in Ukraine as the European one with former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's full knowledge, having thus earned $1.5 billion, Member of Parliament (independent) Andriy Derkach has said.
    What Rudolf Giuliani, the personal lawyer of US President, did in Ukraine and with whom did he speak?
    Trump's personal lawyer Rudolf Giuliani arrived in Kiev. During this time, he had meetings with two deputies of Ukraine, Olexander Dubinsky and Andriy Derkach, also with Andriy Telizhenko, former Ukrainian diplomat in the United States.
    The first meeting of Giuliani in Kiev was held with the People’s Deputy Derkach
    Rudolf Giuliani, the personal lawyer of US President Donald Trump, held his first meeting in Kiev with People’s Deputy Andriy Derkach (non-factional) and discussed with him the creation of the “Friends of Ukraine STOP Corruption” inter-parliamentary group.
    Andriy Derkach visited the Yampol hospital
    People’s Deputy Andriy Derkach visited the district center because of the reports of a possible deep cuts of medical personnel in the Yampol Central District Hospital.
    Derkach and Dubinsky suggest dismissing the leadership of the NBU and the largest state-owned banks “for laundering billions”
    People's Deputies of Ukraine Andriy Derkach and Olexandr Dubinsky appealed to President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the need to stop the corruption scheme associated with domestic government loan bonds and dismiss the leadership of the National Bank of Ukraine and major state banks.
    Dubinsky and Derkach require Zelensky to verify if the buyers of the Kherson oil transshipment belong to organized crime group of Yanukovich
    People’s deputies Andriy Derkach (non-factional) and Olexandr Dubinsky (“Servant of the people” faction) demand that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky check the bidding for the implementation of the Kherson oil transshipment as part of a pre-trial investigation.
    MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln
    Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion by the "family" of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.
    Today’s press-conference is focused on a high profile case that involved officials of Ukraine and US, diplomats, security forces, lobby companies, Burisma and Bidens, Yanukovich and his family, Hontareva and Poroshenko.
    People’s Deputy Derkach declared the receipt of funds by Biden Jr. from “Burisma” through intermediaries
    People’s Deputy Andriy Derkach in his Facebook video blog stated: From May 2014 to October 2015, “Burisma” transferred $ 4,817,000 to “Rosemont” company, and in turn “Rosemont” already transferred remuneration in the amount of $ 817,000 to Hunter Biden -the son of the former vice president Joe Biden.
    Derkach: Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s office commenced a proceeding on leak coming from NABU
    Nazar Kholodnitsky, the head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, launched an investigation into the allegations of People’s Deputy Andriy Derkach (non-factional) on the fact that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) provided information to the US Embassy in Ukraine.
    I give you new facts of international corruption, in which senior officials of Ukraine and the United States are involved. We are talking about almost a billion hryvnia losses to the budget of our country.
    The people’s deputy Andriy Derkach appeals the decision of parliament on the establishment of committees
    The people's deputy Andriy Derkach appeals in the Supreme Court the decision of the Parliament on the appointment of heads, deputies and member of the committees of the Verkhovna Rada.
    Derkach and Dubinskiy propose to investigate the facts of international corruption of senior officials of Ukraine – a draft resolution on the establishment of a temporary investigative commission
    Parliament has registered a draft resolution of people's deputies Andriy Derkach (non-factional) and Olexander Dubinskiy (faction "Servant of the People") on the creation of a temporary investigative commission (TIC) to investigate the facts of international corruption of senior officials of Ukraine.
    Protecting people
    Social workers celebrate its professional holiday. In the calendar, this day is celebrated on the first Sunday of November. Festive celebrations took place on November 1.
    Derkach: The court reopened the case regarding the interference of NABU in the elections in the USA
    The Pechersk District Court had resumed the criminal case regarding the interference of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine in the presidential election in the United States of America.
    NABU-Leaks: Anti-corruption bureau illegally collected data on people’s deputies Berezenko and Martynenko
    By posting new documents on Facebook page People’s Deputy Andriy Derkach said that The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) illegally collected information about people's deputies, as well as merged investigation materials to the Austrian embassy.
    The festival of Orthodox cinema “Pokrov” ended with big round of applause
    Fully filled auditorium and big round of applause to the filmmakers - this is how the festival of Orthodox cinema "Pokrov" ended.
    Andrii Derkach: «NABU-Leaks» is a key for saving Ukraine-US relations
    Interview with People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach for informational agency «Interfax-Ukraine».
    People’s Deputy Derkach discloses facts of pressure of the US Embassy on law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and possible corruption actions of Joe and Hunter Baiden
    The People's Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach has published documents from which it follows that the First Deputy Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Gizo Uglava provided the US Embassy in Kyiv with information that had a negative impact on the course of events in Ukraine and the United States.
    Happy holiday!
    Dear teachers, educators, workers of pre-school and out-school institutions!
    There is a stop!
    From September 9, the “Moscow-Lviv” train began to stop at the Khutir-Mikhailovsky station. Towards Moscow, it runs on even numbers, towards Lviv - on odd numbers.
    The People’s deputy Andriy Derkach requires in court the inclusion in the budget committee of the Rada
    Andriy Derkach - Deputy of Verkhovna Rada declared on Radio Liberty that his lawyers are preparing a lawsuit because he was not included in one of the parliamentary committees.
    People’s deputies intend to take care of beekeeping protection
    A draft law “On Amendments in Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Relating to Beekeeping Protection Measures” was registered in The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
    City Day was always tied to the day of the liberation of Hlukhiv from Nazis occupation on August 30, 1943. It is traditionally celebrated on September 1 which also is symbolically uniting with the Day of Knowledge.
    Happy holiday, dear Countrymen!
    Traditionally, on September 1st, we confess our love to our native Hlukhiv- the city, history of which is a great example which shows us that even a small city can be the epicenter of majestic and significant events.
    Happy Holidays!
    Please accept sincere and warmest congratulations on National Flag Day and Independence Day of Ukraine!
    In Sumy region provocations are being prepared: People’s Deputy Derkach complained to the police and prosecutor’s office
    In Hlukhiv and Hlukhiv district, on the Day of Silence, provocations are being prepared for disrupting the elections - a pseudo-repurchase of voters and pseudo-attack under the leadership of the Security Service.
    Andrii Derkach won at the 159th constituency
    At the single-member constituency No. 159 in the Sumy region, with 100% of the protocols counted, Andrii Derkach, self-promoted people's deputy won with 40.65% (26,826 votes).
    Boris Todurov: Andrii Derkach does everything so that grant-eaters will be held accountable for their crimes
    A well-known Ukrainian cardiac surgeon, doctor of medical sciences, professor, honored doctor of Ukraine, director of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, public figure Boris Todurov visited Krolevets, Putivl and Yampil a few days ago.
    To the disco in village
    Sleporod, Dunayets, Belokopytovo, Godunovka, Sukhodol, Kucherovka, Ivaschenkovo already celebrated the Village Day, others are still preparing.
    Onto the sidewalks and water pipes
    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine distributed the subvention from the state budget to local budgets for the implementation of measures for the socio-economic development of certain territories.
    I serve the Ukrainian nation
    In Hlukhiv, the National Police Day was celebrated with a festive concert. Law enforcers gathered in the city palace of culture to hear words of gratitude and sincere congratulations.
    Transport issue
    To solve the problem of returning the control point from Konotop to Khutir-Mikhailovsk was not that easy. Because this issue concerns several structures: "Ukrzaliznytsia", customs and the Border Service.
    #YouthIsOne (#MolodYedyna)
    On Youth Day, Hlukhiv, Krolevets, S-Bud, Putivl, Yampol and Svess simultaneously thundered the project #MolodYedyna.
    Stopped the arbitrariness
    The point is a simple one: two hectares of land are legally established for villagers. However, local authorities found a more “profitable” option: they were denied allotment of land, while the shares themselves were put up for auction.
    The Verkhovna Rada created a working group on the study of shenanigans with EBRD loans in the Cabinet of Ministers and “Naftogas” – Derkach
    Deputies will consider the issue of embezzlement of European loans by officials of “Naftogas” and the Cabinet of Ministers for the purchase of gas.
    Derkach sued the Cabinet of Ministers because of the unprepared implementation of electronic prescriptions
    People's Deputy Andriy Derkach filed a lawsuit in the Kiev County Administrative Court, demanding to cancel the imposition of electronic prescriptions for people who live in the villages and cannot arrange them in time and therefore can’t get medicines.
    Andriy Derkach: “Let’s be realistic: today we need to save at least those doctors who remained“
    People’s Deputy, Andrii Derkach, is categorically against the closure of midwives stations and the dismissal of health workers.
    The bridge over the river Verbovka
    On the Day of the Village, residents of Sliporod in Hlukhiv region received many gifts and remembered their history.
    “For the election and protection of the smuggling”
    People’s deputy from Sumy region Andrii Derkach published documents with "exploits" of the dismissed deputy head of the State Security Service of Ukraine.
    «SOS!» from Forestry
    The State Forestry and Agronomic Forestry of the region declare that the industry is rapidly running down. Today, some enterprises are forced to part-time their employees.
    Listening to everyone
    People's Deputy Andrii Derkach visited Krolevec region. On June 4, people's deputy Andrii Derkach came to Krolevec on a working visit. During the meetings, deputies found out the main problems that bother teachers.
    Became a tradition
    In Hlukhiv, pupils for the Farewell bell day brought money for charity instead of flowers. On May 31 in Hlukhiv schools rang out the Farewell bell.
    Hlukhiv without a budget, but with protests
    Session in Hlukhiv did not take place, because mayoral deputies did not come, but the teachers protested
    Derkach: filled a suit before the European Court of Human rights to protect Ukrainians from the illegitimate head of the Ministry of Health
    The Ukrainian government ignores the real threat to the health and lives of millions of Ukrainians, so the European Court of Human Rights will decide for it, said extra-factional people’s deputy Andrii Derkach.
    Modern school
    The competition was held among the bearing schools of Sumy region. The Board took into account the material support of the institution, the presence of modern classrooms, student performance, etc.
    Attended an opening night
    Students from the northern regions of Sumy region had a great opportunity to visit Kyiv at a performance at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine and get a lot of positive impressions from the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra excursion.
    To get through euphoria and start working
    People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach emphasized on meetings that crucial task of the new president is to think about the economy and remain a human being.
    People’s deputy, Andrii Derkach, appealed to Zelenskiy and advised him to “listen himself, his conscience and people”
    With such a trust level, which newly elected President Volodymyr Zelenskiy received during the elections, he can implement a unique chance for the development of the country, stated the refractive deputy, Andrii Derkach.
    Take my kindest and most sincere congratulations on big celebration – Victory Day!
    Victory Day in the Europe - is a memory of the heart that every family cherishes. This is what unites us and makes us invincible in the face of any challenge.
    Congratulations on the bright Resurrection of Christ!
    From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on Christ's Resurrection! In these Easter days, people's hearts are filled with joy.
    Why there are no medicines?
    People’s deputy, Andrii Derkach wants to figure out how critical is the situation with non-provision of drugs for cancer patients in Sumy region.
    Revealed extensive pattern with the purchase of medical equipment
    Under the procedural direction of the prosecutor's office of the Kyiv city by the investigator of the SU State of Emergency in Kyiv, a suspicion was declared to the director of  LLC  ”Inmed Ukraine” regarding the appropriation of budget funds in massing ongoing fraud.
    Short on public-sector wages
    People's deputy Andrii Derkach asks the Ministry of Finance to close the budget gaps of the northern regions of Sumy region in the amount of more than 64 million UAH.
    Getting ready to repair
    Almost all residential care homes in the northern regions of Sumy region are planned to be repaired this year.
    Andrii Derkach congratulated women on the Holiday of Spring
    People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach congratulated women on the Holiday of Spring and thanked them for doing much for their families and the country.
    Almost 50 million UAH
    In 2019, UAH 49 million was allocated from the regional fund for financing the repair of roads in the northern districts of Sumy region - Hlukhiv, Krolevets, Putivl, Yampil, Seredyna-Budsk, Shostka districts.
    The court requires to disclose data on the composition of the coalition of deputies
    The Kyiv District Administrative Court requires confirmation from the Verkhovna Rada of information about the presence of a coalition of people's deputies and demands that its personnel be provided.
    Derkach: according to a court decision, VR will provide the composition of the parliamentary coalition
    The district administrative court of the city of Kyiv requires the Verkhovna Rada to provide a list of names of deputies who are members of the coalition. MP Andrii Derkach published the corresponding court decision on his page.
    Love in Hlukhiv
    On the Valentine's Day, youth of Hlukhiv organized a charity fair, and Kyiv showmen held a party for students.
    Dismissal of the head of «Suspilne» Alasania: reaction of the media community and deputies appeared
    The dismissal of Zurab Alasania does not mean that the development of public broadcasting in Ukraine is minimized, because neither he nor his team had anything to do with the development of the channel
    Went for tea
    People's Deputy checked how the showers are repaired in the dormitory of the Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University, and asked the students how to arrange a Valentine's Day for them.
    Hospital District: instructions for use
    According to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated January 16, 2019 № 17-Р, Sumy, Hlukhiv, Konotop, Okhtyrka, Romny and Shostka Hospital Districts were created within the Sumy region.
    Tours «Good Children»
    More than three thousand children were able to see a Christmas fairy tale from the KVN team «Good Children» from Yampil.
    Christmas in the capital
    More than a hundred children from Hlukhiv, Yampil, Krolevets, Putyvl traveled to Kiev to attend a charity concert at the National Opera of Ukraine.
    Festive season
    So, began the favorite season of all children from the holiday of Nicholas to Christmas at all waiting for gifts, fun and guests.
    The Tomos is like a rating: what will bring the Unification Council to its participants
    On December 15, the extraordinary exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarch Emmanuel will inform the Ukrainian subjects of their church statutes.
    «Yaroslav» came to Krolevets
    New production in Krolevets earned on the place of the former factory of artistic weaving.
    He got an apartment
    A pleasant and very important surprise awaited Yuriy Parkhomenko for the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: he was handed a warrant for a one-room apartment.
    Everything starts from the school
    There were no citywide celebrations planned for the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but patriotic celebrations were held in all educational institutions, several interesting actions were organized in support of the army in Hlukhiv.
    «Freedom of millions is more important than the chair»
    People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach explained why he voted against martial law in the country.
    23 deputies signed a statement in the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, in which they called methods of pressure on the UOC
    23 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine filed a joint statement to the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine of Ukraine asking to start a pre-trial investigation regarding the violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine - believers and priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
    November 18 is the Day of agricultural workers
    Thanks to your hard work, each one of us has bread on the table, since it is people from the land, who work in various areas of the agricultural sector that provide every family of products.
    Sports ground for young people
    In Krolevets life was an important event. It was a special day for children and adults, for everyone who is friendly with physical education, goes in for sports.
    XVI International Festival of Orthodox cinema «Pokrov» took place in Kiev
    The opening of the XVI International Festival of Orthodox Cinema «Pokrov» was held at the National Opera of Ukraine.
    A large garden has been planted
    More than a hundred young cherries, sweet cherries, plums and apricots were planted at the Young Naturalists Station in Yampol last weekend.
    «Pressure from the authorities on the media has only intensified in recent years», said Derkach about situation to the closure of two channels
    Today’s decision of the Verkhovna Rada about Channel 112 and NewsOne is transition from parasitism by slogans about European democracy to the establishment of a dictatorship in the country.
    Let it be less, but it will be better
    The long-awaited overhaul of the regional highway R-65 by the PPC of Glukhov-Katerinovka for a total amount of UAH 40 million continues.
    Deputies wrote a letter to Bartholomeos : If the process of registration of the tomos began, we ask you not to make a hasty decision
    Ukrainian politicians wrote a letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeos asking to postpone the granting of autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
    Champions of the «Leather Ball»
    Schoolchildren were greeted by People`s Deputy Andriy Derkach, the city’s mayor Oleksandr Bobrovitsky, beautiful girls and thanked them for glorifying their native city to all over the country.
    Will be asphalt
    Repairing roads in the direction of Glukhov to the PPC of «Katerinovka» began. Immediately outside the city, the first equipment began to work.
    Congratulations on the State Flag Day and the Independence Day of Ukraine
    Independence became the national treasure after the long and thorny path. This holiday is a commemoration of whole generations of our ancestors who created the nation and fought for sovereignty, as well as a memorial day when we should think about the future and our responsibility to history
    There is a daily bread, and something to go with
    Esman celebrated the harvest festival on the Village Day, lumberjacks competed. A festive performance for the all day long was planned in the Esman on August 14.
    Will become smooth and even
    Two more roads will be repaired at Hlukhiv area for a million hryvnia. The local governance has allocated another half a million hryvnia for this purpose. These are the access ways to Pustogorod and Tolstodubove. 
    Rural roads
    In the Hlukhiv district, the roads are being repaired for the money allocated by the region. The road engineering has started to work in the Hlukhiv area since Tuesday, July 31.
    New bus service
    The bus purchased by clubbing made its first run from Kniazhychi to Hlukhiv through Yampil.
    Monatik, summer and politics
    There were many good jokes in Hlukhiv and Yampil at the first All-Ukrainian festival of children's and youth KVN teams.
    Slides and sand pits
    Three standard large playgrounds with swings, slide and benches have been installed in Krolevets and there was one in the Yarove village.
    The roads in Hlukhiv area will be repaired by splitting the check. The region and local budgets (both district and rural ones) participate in the co-financing road repair project on a fifty-fifty basis.
    Decided to stand united
    In Putivl, more than 30 representatives of Rural, District councils and UTCs announced their intention to fight together against entering the “Seimsky” landscape park.
    Hlukhiv district and neighboring areas received more than UAH 105 million for road mending. Due to the subvention from the state budget this year, the Sumy region received UAH 457 million for roadway replacement work and maintenance process.
    Price Injustice
    In Hlukhiv area, the farmers are already refusing to keep cows because of the purchase price of milk. There is already being a month, as the purveyors buy up this all-natural product from the agricultural people at UAH 3.50 per liter instead of the previous price of UAH  5.
    Criminal Proceeding Was Commenced On Surveillance Of People’s Deputy Derkach
    The National Police of Ukraine initiated a pre-trial investigation in a separate criminal trial on the illegal surveillance of Andrii Derkach.
    Bright slides
    Work is being completed on the installation of the modern sports and gaming facilities: there are three for the Krolevets unified local community and one for the Yarova village of the Krolevets district.
    New equipment
    Multimedia boards were bought for three schools in the Krolevets district. The new equipment appeared in the Tuliholiv, Dubovitsk and Mutinsk schools of the I-III levels.
    On 9 May Congratulated the Veterans
    On the eve of 9 May, authorities, volunteers, and schoolchildren visited more than 829 disabled veterans who were direct participants in the hostilities of World War II.
    Ukraine, Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Investigation
    Andrii Derkach, initiated an investigation into leaks to the news media about Mr. Manafort’s dealings from Ukrainian law enforcement, saying they put at risk vital American aid to Ukraine.
    People’s Deputy Derkach Accused SSU and NABU of Illegal Surveillance
    The Security Service of Ukraine at the behest of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, reinforced the "illegal surveillance" of MP Andrii Derkach because of the case of the unlawful interference of the anti-corruption bureau to the election of the US president.
    Never again!
    Dear countrymen! Dear veterans, front-line soldiers, partisans, children of war, former prisoners of concentration camps and those who had to provide forced labour in Germany.
    The Palace of Culture In Yampil District is Being Renovated
    Andrii Derkach visited the Svesa town to identify the scope of work on the Palace of Culture.
    Special Purpose Transport for the Village
    Two Village Councils jointly bought a bus after a year and a half being cut off from the world.
    Politicians and religion: keep out of the burning bush!
    Yesterday I was watching the leaders of Ukraine got "into the burning bush", when they voted to adopt a resolution on the president's appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to provide the Autocephality Tomos to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.
    Christ is risen!
    I extend my heartiest congratulations to you on the bright Day of Jesus Resurrection!
    15 Funny Years
    Since the morning there was a snowstorm, and the weather was frightening with its aggressive mood. But in our village everyone has been waiting for the evening, when a real humor holiday was due to be held.
    Save the Heart
    Alexander Bitsadze and Yurii Kharenko, cardio surgeons of the Heart Institute, together with Oksana Stan, an ultrasound diagnostic specialist, carried out a medical examination of the 110 citizens of Hlukhiv on the weekend.
    Derkach about Gontareva: Should to Prosecute Her, Not to Dismiss
    Non-factional People's Deputy Andrii Derkach was alone who voted against the resignation of Valeriya Gontareva as the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine.
    Congratulations on International Women’s Day!
    With the spring rebirth of nature, the warm, tender and kind words from the deepest place in our men`s hearts come to you – our selfless mothers, faithful wives, sisters and daughters.
    The 8th of March Will Not Be Repealed!
    On March 6 the People's Deputy Andrii Derkach arrived in the district to congratulate women on the International Women's Day.
    Being At Mammologist`s Reception
    Last week, the female citizens of Hlukhiv were advised by the leading Ukrainian mammologist. Professor Sergii G. Bugaytsov is a senior scientist of the Institute of Clinical Radiology of the National Research Center for Radiation Medicine, academician, doctor of medical sciences.
    Young people were celebrating the Valentine's Day at the central square of the Hlukhiv National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Pedagogical University.
    People’s Deputy Goes to Trial Against Coalition – Requires Nomination of the Head of the Ministry of Health
    People's Deputy Andrii Derkach (non-factional) filed a lawsuit to the Kyiv District Court on the obligation of the coordinators of the parliamentary coalition to recommend the appointment of the Minister of Health to the Prime Minister.
    Andrii Derkach: “It is important not to violate the human rights and establish a clear zonation in order to prevent speculation”
    As the People's Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach posted on his Facebook page, residents of the district wrote him many letters about the activity of the “Seimskiy” regional landscape park.
    Central Media Journalists Demanded Poroshenko to Stop Pressure on Freedom of Expression
    The Ukrainian journalists demand from the President, the Government and the General Prosecutor's Office to stop censorship and blackmailing media outlets from the side of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council.
    Love lives in Hlukhiv (photo fact)
    Right now the celebration of Valentine's Day takes place in the central square of Hlukhiv National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Pedagogical University.
    “Good thing the cardiologists from Kyiv came to us and conduct an examination for free”
    Leading cardiologists of the Kyiv Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine conducted free consultations for the citizens of the Seredyna-Buda and Znob-Novgorod.
    Cardiologists are working
    At the weekend, a team of experienced doctors of Kiev "Heart Institute", led by the famous cardiac surgeon Boris Todurov, held on-site examinations in Seredina-Buda and Znob-Novgorod
    Interesting history lessons
    The history cabinet in Banichi School was equipped with modern interactive devices: a laptop, a projector, a screen. Such a gift worth 55.4 thousand hryvnias and was bought with the assistance of the MP Andrii Derkach by means of the state budget.
    There is an epidemic in the country but we still do not have the Healthcare Minister: Derkach filed a claim against the People’s Deputies
    The Supreme Court of Ukraine began considering the lawsuit against the Verkhovna Rada coalition because of its inactivity in submitting to the Cabinet of Ministers a candidacy for the post of the Healthcare Minister. Andrii Derkach wrote this on his Facebook page.
    Comment by Andrey Derkach for “News One” regarding health budget
    The MP of Ukraine Andrey Derkach commented for Channel “News One” situation with the formation of the budget in health…
    Which People’s Deputy from Sumy works best of all?
    "Sumy Debate" conducted a survey to find out whose work among Sumy People's Deputy people appreciate better.
    Derkach made a promise from the Head of Ukrzaliznytsia to resume train traffic in Sumy region
    Ukrzaliznytsia promised not to cancel train # 327 Sumy-Zernovoye.
    Derkach v. Groysman: the case will be considered by the Court of Appeal
    People's deputy Andrii Derkach and his colleagues – the MPs Valeriy Dyubil and Yuriy Odarchenko are suing the Court of Appeal with a demand to Groysman to make a submission of the Minister of Health to the Rada. He said this to reporters.
    Andrii Derkach: “We are starting a new medical project”
    The most famous cardiovascular surgeons of the "Heart Institute of the Health Ministry of Ukraine" will conduct free consultations for residents of Sumy region.
    People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach visited Krolevets
    Today, on November 17, the people's deputy addressed the deputies of Krolevets District Council, who held the regular session.
    Comment to NewsOne on further consideration of the claim to the Prime Minister
    The People's Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach told NewsOne TV about the continuation of court hearings of the lawsuit against Prime Minister Groysman regarding the necessity of the immediate appointment of legal Health Minister.
    The court of Kiev has postponed the consideration of the claim of People’s Deputy to Groysman on the Head of the Health Ministry
    The Kiev District Administrative Court postponed consideration of the lawsuit filed by the People's Deputies Andrii Derkach, Valeriy Dubil and Yuriy Odarchenko to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman in the court regarding submission of Healthcare Minister candidacy to the Verkhovna Rada on November 22.
    The court is considering the case against Groysman on the non-appointment of the Minister of Health
    The Kiev District Administrative Court has started the case against Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman regarding the appointment of the Minister of Health.
    Comment to NewsOne on the claim to the Prime Minister
    The People's Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach told NewsOne TV about the first court session on the suit against Prime Minister Groysman about the need of immediate appointment of legal Health Minister.
    October 14 – Day of the Defender of Ukraine
    I would like sincerely and cordially congratulate you on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine!
    Comment to the UA:Перший on the situation with the electoral legislation
    Andrii Derkach presented own opinion on the situation with the electoral legislation in Ukraine to the TV channel UA: First.…
    Derkach filed a lawsuit against Groisman
    The MP of Ukraine Andrii Derkach together with a number of deputies sued the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman…
    Voting of people’s deputies from Sumy region for pension reform, October 5, 2017
    The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has abolished preferential work experience for Chernobyl victims and teachers. Now, early retirement is impossible…
    Pokrov International Orthodox Film Festival, October 5, 2017
    The opening ceremony of the Festival will be held at the National Opera of Ukraine. The 15th International Orthodox Film…
    “A teacher is not a profession, it is a mission”, October 4, 2017
    Teachers received a lot of flowers, surprises and grateful words on the Teachers’ Day. Teacher’s Day was celebrated with traditional…
    Congratulations on Teacher’s Day! October 1, 2017
    Andrii Derkach congratulated the teachers on their professional holiday and supported the teachers of Sumy region. The MP informed about…
    The work at asphalt plant is humming, September 27, 2017
    The plant in Hlukhov has already produced the first 50 000 tons of asphalt mix. Currently the plant is involved…
    Bronze with golden glints, September 27, 2017 2
    Boxer Alexander Grechanik took third place at European Championships, although his trip to Bulgaria was questionable until the last moment.…
    Shish kebabs, entertainment and three iPhones, September 9, 2017
    How Town Day in Hlukhov was celebrated   At the memorial Traditionally, after celebratory assemblies in schools, the residents of…
    City Day in Hlukhov continues, September 01, 2017
    Despite the rainy weather, the holiday continues. There are public festivities in the garden square of Bortnyantskiy and Berezovskiy technical…
    Congratulations, Dear Compatriots! August 30, 2017
    On the first of September we confess our love to our native Hlukhov, which, despite all difficulties of recent years,…
    Medical examinations are renewed, August 30, 2017
    Orthopedists and mammologists are coming to Hlukhov again As MP’s office of Andrey Derkach informed, women and girls will be…
    Happy Independence Day of Ukraine! August 23, 2017
    Dear compatriots! > These days everyone in every city and village is preparing for a great national holiday – Independence…
    There was found a definite link between Derkach’s statement against NABU and Trump’s tweet
    Journalists of “Obozrevatel” periodical noted coincidence in time between the tweet of U.S. President Donald Trump and the claim of…
    Derkach made a statement about possible “masked show” in the office of “Era” because of NABU investigation: document, August 16, 2017
    People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach appealed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko calling him not to allow violent actions against…
    Ukrainian MP seeks probe of Ukraine-Clinton ties
    Parliament member demands to know whether his country’s government targeted Trump in the 2016 campaign. KIEV – A Ukrainian member…
    The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine opened a criminal investigation on the NABU intervention into the U.S. presidential elections: August 15, 2017
    The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine opened a criminal investigation into possible meddling of certain officials of the National Anti-Corruption…
    Emotions run high
    46 little Hlukhov residents were presented an unforgettable trip to Kiev. The group visited the excursion in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra,…
    Rest Camp “Swallow” greeted guests
    The plot of the channel Channel Putivl TV:
    Gift from the deputies, June 28, 2017
    At the weekend the rest camp “Swallow” was opened solemnly, with sweets and fun. Trampolines, a virtual reality attraction, a…
    About roads, schools and not only, June 28, 2017
    People are worried about one problem: how to improve life?! People’s deputy Andrey Derkach comes to the district to meet…
    Districts received money, June 21, 2017
    The objects that have been included by the Cabinet of Ministers in financing for 2017 have been determined. The subsidy…
    Sweet and nice, June 21, 2017
    Health workers were congratulated on their professional holiday. Representatives of the central district hospital, the primary health care center, regional…
    Results of non-governmental medical programs in Sumy region, June 14, 2017
    Our state has been facing the problem of healthcare institutions for several years. The majority of them are experiencing an…
    Horizontal bar on the hundred-meter race, 8 June, 2017
    The inhabitant of Glukhov district have earned by strength 3.2 thousand hryvnias for little Seraphim. Glukhov was visited by “Upstream”…
    The most difficult issues are solved together – Andrey Derkach
    The plot of the channel Channel Putivl TV:
    Hospital district is needed, May 31, 2017
    Deputies, local authorities and doctors are asking the Government to create 6 hospital districts in Sumy region, including in Glukhov.…
    Say goodbye to school, May 31, 2017
    The school bell sounded last time for 102 pupils of Glukhov, 31-district, 11-Shalygin and 12- Berezovskaya communities. Parents, it is…
    “We passed through the salty Atlantic”, May 31, 2017
    12 noon of 26th May. A memorable sign to veterans-rocket men is crowded. At the initiative of the veteran organization…
    Derkach urged Groysman to agree on the creation of 6 hospital districts in Sumy region, May 29, 2017
    The doctors of the region are summoning the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman to support the plan of creating…
    Andrii Derkach is a friend of the Gluhiv youth
    The plot of the channel Channel Putivl TV:
    Congratulations of Andrey Derkach on Easter. Christ is risen!
    Dear compatriots! Dear brothers and sisters, Christ is risen! These words, which we greet each other in bright Easter days,…
    Women’s happiness
    March 8 is no longer celebrated as a day of struggle for women’s rights. On this day, men traditionally declare…
    Good deeds
    Volunteers have given joy with the presents to the pupils of special Shalygino boarding school. Thanks to the assistance of…
    “Mom, leave cows and go to the doctor!”
    Only one day: the residents of Shalygino community were examined by the well-known in Ukraine mammologist-oncologist Oleg Kozak There is…
    They do not give up
    Citizens of Putivl have also collected thousands of signatures for Hlukhov hospital district. The Ministry of Health has returned the…
    Hlukhov has not seen such St. Valentine’s Day before. True celebration of the Valentine’s Day was organized by the participants…
    Tractor, bread oven and TV sets
    Svesskiy psychoneurological boarding school has received nearly a million hryvnias. At the end of last year, Sumy Regional Council has…
    Working visit of people’s deputies to Krolevechchina
    On February 10, the MP of Ukraine Andrey Derkach and Oleg Boyarintsev, a deputy of Sumy Regional Council, visited Krolevechchina…
    What about hospital district?
    The issue of allocating a separate hospital district in Sumy region with the center in Hlukhov remains very important. At…
    We have promised – we performed, January 24, 2017
    The District Council has received numerous requests from the directors of secondary schools of the district about obsolete computer equipment,…
    “Christmas crib” in the opera, January 11, 2017
    334 children visited a charity festival in Kiev. On January 7, on the Day of Nativity of Christ, the fourteenth…
    It is difficult, but can be solved, January 4, 2017
    There is a struggle for the establishment of hospital district with its center in Glukhov. On the eve of holidays,…
    Festival of Childhood
    It turned out that St. Nicholas has many helpers. New Year and Christmas holidays have started. It is believed that…
    “Rural children are less prone to flat feet, as they walk barefoot on the grass, on the sand”
    The first results of pupils’ examination by orthopedist showed that 5% of children needs immediate treatment. Before the flu epidemic…
    Modern educational facilities in schools of Krolevechchina
    The concept of the “new school”, declared by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Grinevich at the…
    Price VS quality
    In Druzhba of Yampolskyi district a scandal has broken out: 800 thousand hryvnias have been invested in the capital repairs…
    Thank defenders

    The town and district have congratulated the military on the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine. In honor of the…
    Time is running out

    The delay on finishing the barracks in Glukhov might end with criminal liability for contractors. Today the military prosecutor is…
    “Finally, we can examine the child!”
    There are queues for free attendance of pediatric orthopedist. Health program “Healthy Child” has started in the district. At the…
    Shock from dormitory
    The MP considers that GNPU dormitory is uninhabitable for youth. It is said in the MP’s appeal addressed to GNPU…
    On all cylinders
    Students’ Day was celebrated en masse in Glukhov In Glukhov, about five thousand students of different educational institutions celebrate this…
    Field workers and not only
    On November 18, people, who by their work provide all of us with bread, gathered in the district house of…
    The main defendant in the case on putting pressure on the Metropolitan Vladimir is not Novinsky but Viktor Yanukovich – Derkach
    In the case of pressure on the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) Metropolitan Vladimir, the main defendant…
    Metropolitical orthopedists will examine all pupils
    This week in Glukhov district health program “Healthy Child” has started. At the initiative of the Ukrainian MP Andrey Derkach,…
    Oil painting “The unexpected”
    Through joint efforts in Glukhov the soldiers, who are preparing to spend the winter in tents, are being helped to…
    The leading mammologist of the country comes to Glukhov
    On Saturday, October 29, women and girls are invited for a free preventive examination, which will be held in polyclinic,…
    To keep breast healthy
    Women from Yampolsky were examined by the academician On October 15-16, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Clinical Radiology, the…
    Inadequacy of the Ministy of health
    Budget Committee of the Rada believes that it impossible to consider the state budget for 2017 in terms of health.…
    Dreams come true
    Antiscoliotic desks have been bought in the Shalygin school “Equipment has not been renovated for many years, of course, it…
    The Verkhovna Rada will consider transferring hotels “The National” and “Kyiv” to the balance of the State Property Fund
    The draft Resolution, which provides the transfer of two hotels – “The National” and “Kyiv” (both located in Kyiv) from…
    Derkach plans to register a draft resolution on Petrenko’s dismissal
    Member of Parliament of Ukraine, the Head of the Interfactional Parliamentary Association “Forbidden to Forbid” (independent) Andrii Derkach intends to register…
    The Verkhovna Rada is urged to dismiss Petrenko from the position of the Head of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
    A group of Members of Parliament has presented a draft resolution at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on relieving Pavlo…
    MPs have called upon the IAEA to regard the situation surrounding the safety at Ukrainian NPPs
    Members of Parliament of Ukraine have decided to forward the letter to the Director General of the International Atomic Energy…
    Former Head of “Energoatom” Derkach claims the situation in the sphere is at its worst in 25 years
    At the moment, the situation in nuclear energy field is at its most critical in all 25 years of Ukraine’s…
    MP Derkach demands to discuss the revision of the 2016 state budget in the view of critical deficit of funds for education and healthcare
    Independent Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach has addressed the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman with request to invite him to a…
    Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach extended his congratulations. On May 9, 1200 combatants, disabled veterans, and widows of the combatants…
    Our dear grandmothers and grandfathers, we salute you and wish to express our sincerest gratitude for giving us the world…
    Another failure of the experiment
    Why does it seem so likely that place switching and change in roleplaying dynamic between Groysman, Zubko, the President’s Administration,…
    Andrii Derkach: The land sale plan drafted by the incompetent team of “foreign tourists” constitutes an open disregard for the Constitution and spells the beginning of the end for our rural economy
    On February 28, 2016, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk informed the public of the Cabinet’s intent to sell…
    Providing rural areas with quality Internet connection
    Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach has forwarded an MP appeal to the Government with specific suggestions on dealing…
    The revenue accumulated by the Sumy Region’s mining industry is a steady source of income for the state and local…
    ANDRII DERKACH: “Experimentations with inviting “intourists” to the leadership positions in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine have failed”
    Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach has conducted a meeting with the village heads, the members of city and…
    Andrii Derkach: authority and business should work together to fulfill social needs of the district residents
    Industry is the main economic sector in Sumy Region. It covers about 35% of gross output and services produced in…
    Such was the plea of the residents of the Krolevets District to the Members of the Verkhovna Rada and the…
    Stop the bankruptcy of agricultural enterprises, cease the obliteration of the farmers
    [bs_lead] Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach has forwarded an MP inquiry to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, wherein…
    Eighty women have received for International Women’s Day congratulations and encouragement from MPs Andriy Derkach
    Most prominent women of Glukhiv and Shostka, Glukhiv, Putyvl, Krolevetz, Yampol, and Seredyno-Budsk District have been distinguished for professionalism, kindness,…
    MP Derkach proposes to set up a commission of inquiry on abuses of the Cabinet, the Finance Ministry, and the National Bank
    Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach (unaffiliated) proposes to conduct an investigation of abuse of authority on the part of the…
    Winter joy for children
    Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach has organized free exercises for children at the pool. On weekends, around 400 school children…
    Andrii Derkach has taken the Sumy Region railway system under his direct supervision
    While performing his parliamentary duties with regard to resolving social issues and acting on the appeals of local residents, Andrii…
    Andrii Derkach calls upon the Government to put subventions in order and pay municipal service workers
    Last May, the Government proudly announced the installation of a new simplified system of arranging subventions for reimbursement of expenses…
    Andrii Derkach insists on taking urgent measures in order to bring the activity of Ukrainian authorities into conformity with the Constitution of Ukraine and the European human rights standards
    Andrii Derkach, the Head of the Interfactional Parliamentary Association “For the Protection of Violated Rights of Citizens and Against Political…
    Andrii Derkach calls on the Cabinet to draw up and fund the education programs for medical students in the rural area
    Article 49 of the Constitution of Ukraine proclaims that it is the obligation of the state to create conditions for…
    Andrii Derkach: Amendment on a state budget funding of vocational technical education supported by a majority of MPs
    On Thursday, February 4, at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada, 297 Members of Parliament approved of a legislative…
    It is time to put an end to the Government’s downright mockery of the constitutional rights of millions of Ukrainian citizens, of their hopes for the European living standards
    On January 26, 2016, I initiated the establishment of the Interim Ivestigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on…
    MP Derkach is leaving the Parliamentary Group “Will of the People”
    Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andrey Derkach has addressed the Speaker of Parliament Vladimir Groysman with a written statement on…
    Banquet fight against corruption in the banner of democracy
    Связь между получением Украиной безвизового режима с якобы «жестким и однозначным требованием ЕС ввести электронное декларирование доходов чиновников» – это…
    Andrii Derkach: “Why I did not vote for the budget for 2016 and a new tax code”
    Это не бюджет «затягування пасків» и даже не бюджет выживания, как в прошлом году и как говорил Яценюк. Это –…
    The deputy V. Mysik has the idea of introduction of electronic transfer of declarations, but it fully supports A. Derkach
    Автором поправки в закон о государственном бюджете на 2016 год, касающейся переноса внедрения электронных деклараций на 2017 год, необходимых для…
    Andrii Derkach: “Many issues are simply thrown to local budgets to deal with”
    Про це народний депутат сказав на брифінгу керівництва групи “Воля народу” у Верховній Раді України. Як було підкреслено, «Воля народу»…
    Andrii Derkach: “Women must unconditionally retire at the age of 55”
    Как прокомментировал один из инициаторов снижения пенсионного возраста для женщин – народный депутат от нашего избирательного округа Андрей Деркач, представляющий…
    Andrii Derkach: “Economic situation is critical”
    Народный депутат, заместитель главы фракции «Воля народа» Андрей Деркач, выступая на согласительном совете, заявил, что ситуация в украинской экономике сложилась…
    5 million from the budget
    Саме стільки на розвиток соціальної сфери округу було отримано північними районами Сумщини завдяки народному депутату Андрію Деркачу Наприкінці минулого року…
    Speech by Andrii Derkach on conciliation council in Verkhovna Rada
    Уважаемые коллеги, мы поддерживаем предыдущего выступающего в вопросе, связанном с необходимостью изменения в бюджет. И мы говорили о том, что…
    “Imaginary decentralisation”, or change in the budget and its consequences
    Почти два месяца назад Кабмин внес на рассмотрение Верховной Рады новый бюджет, который в корне изменил всю систему финансовых отношений…
    IMF loans: every family will be affected
    Прагнення уряду отримати черговий кредит від МВФ укотре вдарить по карману соціально незахищених верств населення 2 березня народними депутатами Блоку…
    Andrii Derkach: “The Government has to explain, what life will be like from April 1st for 46 million of Ukrainians”
    Народний депутат від нашого виборчого округу вважає необхідним термінове підвищення соціальних стандартів Депутатська група «Воля народу», одним з керівників якої…
    The right to demobilise
    Учасники АТО, які утримують дітей-інвалідів, отримають право на дострокове звільнення з військової служби   7 квітня в першому читанні прийнято…
    Tax relief
    Пропонується звільнити від оподаткування нерухомість дітей війни   Народні депутати із групи «Воля народу» Андрій Деркач, Володимир Бандуров і Віктор…
    Tax relief for the military
    Народним депутатом А.Деркачем у співавторстві з іншими депутатами групи «Воля народу» розроблено законопроект, яким пропонується звільнити від оподаткування військовим збором…
    Andrii Derkach: “We demand the Ministers for Health and Agrarian Policy to be dismissed”
    Заступник голови депутатської групи “Воля народу” Андрій Деркач запропонував фракціям коаліції на цьому тижні узгодити та внести на розгляд Верховної…
    Ace`s anniversary
    Народний депутат Андрій Деркач у співавторстві з іншими депутатами підготував законопроект про відзначення на державному рівні 95-річчя з дня народження…
    A capital battle
    Клуб «Мужество» совершил 28-ой традиционный поход, посвященный Дню Победы (ФОТО) Путь «Мужества» в этом году пролегал к слоутским лесам. В…
    Happy Victory Day, dear veterans!
    Самые теплые поздравления принимают те, кто лично защищал Родину   Накануне 9 мая народный депутат Украины Андрей Деркач посетил с…
    “Volya Narody” proposes equipping emergency vehicles with red flashing signals
    Народні депутати із групи «Воля народу» вимагають врахувати під час доопрацювання проектів №2562 і №2562-1 щодо вдосконалення регулювання відносин у…
    Got the presents
    Больше четырехсот человек в Глухове и районе получили именные подарки и открытки ко Дню Победы Традиционно ко Дню Победы народный…
    Derkach and Molotok ask Poroshenko to take the situation in Shostka under personal control
    Народні депутати Андрій Деркач та Ігор Молоток (група «Воля народу») звернулись до Президента України зі зверненням, у якому просять взяти ситуацію…
    “Volya Narody” proposes to consider the dismissal of Health Minister Kvitashvili tomorrow
    Депутатська група “Воля народу” пропонує завтра, 21 травня, у Верховній Раді розглянути питання про звільнення Олександра Квіташвілі з посади Міністра…
    Criminal disposal
    Депутаты требуют дать правовую оценку бездеятельности руководителей, из-за чего произошла экологическая катастрофа в Шостке   В Шостке прошло заседание рабочей…
    Andrii Derkach: “Each problem has a last name”
    На заседании Верховной Рады заместитель руководителя группы «Воля народа» Андрей Деркач отметил, что рассматривать вопрос, связанный с тарифами, можно только…
    Andrii Derkach: ”Spending hundreds of thousands for the development of village general plans is inefficient”
    В случае отсутствия плана зонирования или детального плана территории выделение земельных участков из земель государственной или коммунальной собственности и изменение…
    Wireless Hlukhiv
    Бесплатными точками доступа Wi-Fi в центре Глухова уже никого не удивишь  Прогресс в виде свободного доступа к Интернету в центре…
    Andrii Derkach: “Dollar rate is rose three times, yet a litre of water still costs 2.2 hryvnias”
    Один из руководителей депутатской группы «Воля народа» Андрей Деркач считает, что предоставление временного права Кабмину на регулирование цены на молоко…
    Andrii Derkach:“Benefits claiming procedure is imperfect”
    Заступник голови депутатської групи “Воля народу” Андрій Деркач звернувся до Міністра соціальної політики України з проханням звернути увагу на недосконалий…
    First 7.18 gas bills
    Разочарование месяца: гражданам уже принесли первые квитанции с заоблачной ценой на газ, а вот обещанной субсидии по упрощенной схеме многим…
    Andrii Derkach: “Nasty surprises are in store for village-dwellers”
    Об’єднання територіальних громад нагадує реформу з укрупнення колгоспів та сільських рад в 60-х роках 20 ст., багато з яких у…
    Andrii Derkach: “This is how we kill parliamentarism”
    Народный депутат призвал навести порядок при голосовании В частности, А.Деркач, обращаясь к голове Верховной Рады А.Яценюку, сказал, что фракции «Воля…
    Kozhedub`s anniversary: it is just the beginning
    17 червня парламент таки проголосував за законопроект про відзначення на державному рівні 95-річчя з дня народження Івана Кожедуба Власне, сам…
    “Do not disrupt our work!”
    Глуховские предприниматели готовятся к всеукраинской акции протеста Законопроект, который отменяет обязательное использование кассовых аппаратов предпринимателями, находящимися на упрощенной системе налогообложения,…
    “Volya Narodu” demands to consider the dismissal of Kvitashvili and Pavlenko
    Заместитель главы фракции «Воля народа», народный депутат Украины Андрей Деркач призвал депутатов Верховной Рады отказаться от двойных стандартов. По его…
    This is the house that no-one is building
    В Кролевце медики требуют от власти срочно доделать дом  Чтобы закончить работы, требуется около миллиона гривен. Их должно хватить на…
    Andrii Derkach: “Cash registers are abolished. Entrepreneurs should await new inspections instead”
    Наш народный депутат Андрей Деркач объяснил, почему он лично и группа «Воля народа» не голосовали за законопроект №1088 «О внесении…
    Media Hype has nothing to do with the real decentralisation
    Об этом заявил в парламенте от имени депутатской группы «Воля народа» народный депутат Андрей Деркач во время обсуждения законопроекта о…
    Hlukhiv City Day
    1 сентября Глухов отметил праздник «три в одном»: 72-ю годовщину освобождения города от фашистской оккупации, День города и День знаний…
    Andrii Derkach: Ukraine is approaching dictatorship in the name of liberal values
    Выборы и события послевыборной недели остро поставили вопрос о политических репрессиях в Украине, о явном нарушении законов и Конституции Украины.…
    MP Andrii Derkach demanded to overturn the Parliament`s ruling on languages
    Народный депутат Андрей Деркач обратился с парламентской трибуны к исполняющему обязанности президента Украины Александру Турчинову с требованием наложить вето на…
    Capture of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra has successfully been prevented
    Народные депутаты Андрей Деркач, Петр Порошенко, Артур Палатный, Ирина Купрейчик предотвратили попытку захвата Киево-Печерской Лавры в ночь с 22 на…
    Soldiers of internal troops, captured on February 20, set free
    Группа солдат срочной службы внутренних войск, задержанных активистами в центре Киева 20 февраля, освобождена в ночь на пятницу, 21 февраля…
    Several MPs form the Party of Regions in collaboration with the opposition shouldered responsibility for defusing political crisis
    Народные депутаты Андрей Деркач, Петр Порошенко, Евгений Сигал, Юрий Шаров, Олег Зарубинский, Владимир Литвин, Владимир Зубик, Виталий Чудновский, Владимир Вечерко…
    10 MPs from Party of Regions and two independent MPs declared support for Ukrainian people
    Группа народных депутатов из фракции Партии регионов инициируют срочное заседание Верховной Рады для возвращения парламентско-президентской формы правления и выражают поддержку…
    Andrii Derkach: “Responsibility is the price we pay for power”
    Народный депутат по нашему мажоритарному округу на прошлой неделе встретился с избирателями и обрисовал свое видение ситуации в стране НЕТ…
    A deputy union “Parliamentary Republic” is created in Verkhovna Rada
    Спикер Верховной Рады Александр Турчинов объявил о создании в парламенте межфракционного объединения “Парламентская республика”. По словам А.Турчинова, в объединение вошло…
    100 days of the Cabinet — a crisis of hopes
    Цей текст також надіслано президенту України як депутатське звернення. На початку червня минуло 100 днів, як після втечі колишнього Президента…
    “Volya Narodu” calls for the transparent state budget planning
    Депутатська група “Воля народу” підтримує зміни у підходах щодо формування бюджету. Про це під час погоджувальної ради ВР заявив заступник…
    The speech of Andrii Derkach during Verkhovna Rada hearing on Government 2015-2016 agenda
    Програму своєї діяльності на 2015-2016 роки Уряд  широко і голосно анонсував,  як  дорожню мапу реформ, за якої буде розвиватися країна…
    “Volya Narodu” proposes the Cabinet of Ministers to conduct emergency drills in energy sector
    Заступник голови депутатської групи “Воля народу” Андрій Деркач вважає за необхідне заслухати на найближчій годині уряду Міністра палива та енергетики…
    “Volya Narodu” deputy group refuses the quotas for offices in Verkhovna Rada committes
    Представниками депутатської групи «Воля народу» Ігорем Єремеєвим, Ярославом Москаленком, Андрієм Деркачем  у Верховну Раду України поданий проект Постанови № 1356…
    “Volya Narodu” deputy group initiates the increase in substinence level and minimal wages
    Депутатська група “Воля народу” пропонує збільшити рівень мінімальної зарплати і прожиткового мінімуму у наступному році на суму не менше за…
    “Volya Narodu” deputy group propose to lower the retirement age for women
    Верховній Раді пропонують зменшити пенсійний вік для жінок до 55 років. Відповідний законопроект № 1031-2 зареєстрували народні депутати із групи…
    Andrii Derkach: “Mottos and demagogy don`t make the reforms successful”
    Про це сказав народний депутат під час рогляду у ВР програми діяльності уряду на 2015-2016 роки Програму своєї діяльності на…
    Joy for children
    Народный депутат передал больше 2 тысяч подарков  Для воспитанников Путивльской и Шалыгинской школ-интернатов еще в начале недели прибыли коробки со…
    There are military units in the zone of Anti-terrorist operation, who don`t have warm boots
    Як повідомив народний депутат Андрій Деркач, депутатська група «Воля народу» просить Верховну Раду терміново заслухати керівництво АТО щодо реального стану…
    On St. Nicholas Day
    Народный депутат Андрей Деркач привез подарки школе-интернату, детским домам семейного типа и детям-инвалидам 19 декабря, в день святителя Николая, традиционно…
    Andrii Derkach: ”All issues will be jointly resolved”
    Местной власти и агробизнесу нужно постараться в каждом районе создать резерв, который смог бы помочь пережить нынешнюю трудную зиму  Об…
    Almost a miracle
    79-летней жительнице поселка Червоное помогли газифицировать квартиру Ленина Фоминична Остапенко почти сорок лет проработала в библиотеке поселка Червоное Глуховского района.…
    The son`s decoration
    Через пять лет после гибели сына родители получили его орден «За мужество» Эта история в 2009 году обошла все новостные…
    2 Hlukhiv vocational colleges narrowly avoided closure
    Тисячі викладачів та студентів навчальних закладів 1-2 рівнів акредитації могли опинитись на вулиці Вісім годин роботи, більше 200-т правок до…
    Speech by Andrii Derkach on conciliation council in Verkhovna Rada
    Уважаемый Владимир Борисович, уважаемые коллеги, я думаю, что на этой неделе наконец-то коалиция поделит портфели, внесет еще несколько здоровых постановлений…
    Andrii Derkach stood up for Sumy SBU Academy and named the initiators of organisational change
    Народный депутат Украины Андрей ДЕРКАЧ направил в адрес новоизбранного главы Национального Банка Украины Игоря СОРКИНА запрос относительно Украинской академии банковского…
    Ukraine may prohibit the production and sale of diary products containing less than 50% milk fat
    Парламент Украины может ввести понятие “молокосодержащие продукты” и запретить их производство и продажу с массовой долей молочного жира менее 50%.…
    Andrii Derkach: “the “education— research— production” scheme must really work under current circumstances”
    По окончанию Глуховского высшего профессионального училища студенты получат диплом «младшего специалиста» и возможность поступить в вузы без экзаменов   Государственное…
    Andrii Derkach: “Property should be returned to the congregation, since the Church is not only a listed building, but also a place for prayer”
    В Верховной Раде зарегистрирован проект закона №2993 «О внесении изменений в некоторые законы Украины относительно создания условий для возвращения культовых…
    Andrii Derkach— this is the real sabotage
    Основные события и тенденции последних двух лет в ядерно-энергетическом комплексе Украины создают угрозу его дальнейшему существованию и развитию. Текущая ситуация…
    Andrii Derkach: “Village budgets do not have the funds for designing general plans”
    Напередодні Великодня православні віруючі Ямполя отримали цінний духовний подарунок від народного депутата України Андрія Деркача – список чудотворної ікони Богородиці…
    486 sincere “thank yous”s
    Саме стільки учасників бойових дій та інвалідів війни отримали до Дня Перемоги подарунки від народного депутата Андрія Деркача Всі учасники…
    Cadet`s Day
    В среду на площади Рудченко, в Глухове, прошли торжества посвященные празднованию Дня кадета. Виновниками праздника уже второй год подряд становятся…
    Children deserve nothing but the very best
    В Глухове торжественно открыли Центр социальной реабилитации детей-инвалидов Это поистине долгожданное мероприятие для его воспитанников, их родителей и коллектива. На…
    Military-patriotic education
    Андрей Деркач: Военно-патриотическое воспитание – это не только спорт. Это прежде всего – духовность, история, традиции народа. В преддверии Дня…
    Andrii Derkach: ”The cost of vet services in unreasonably high”
    Народный депутат Андрей Деркач добился снижения цен на услуги ветеринарной службы В прошлом году ветеринарная служба в разы повысила стоимость…
    Andrii Derkach: ”The consumer must clearly distinguish between the natural milk and its substitutes”
    Верховная Рада в первом чтении проголосовала за законопроект о внесении изменений в ряд законодательных актов с целью усиления борьбы с…
    An icon from Mount Athos in Tulygolovo
    Народный депутат Андрей Деркач передал в дар сельскому храму икону, которую написали афонские монахи   Первые летние дни принесли верующим…
    Putyvl Cultural centre restored
    В Путивле открыли районный Дом культуры Шесть лет назад здание ра-йонного ДК сгорело. Огонь очень сильно повредил очаг культуры, мелкий…
    A tribute to courage
    Центром празднования Дня партизанской славы у нас в области традиционно является Путивль 22 сентября делегации со всех районов Сумщины приехали…
    A 100% Krolevets festival
    В Кролевце прошел традиционный фестиваль «Кролевецькі рушники», который за много лет стал визитной карточкой этого края На протяжении трех дней…
    “Druzhbianochka” jubilee
    Аматорский вокальный ансамбль «Дружбяночка» за 10 лет существования стал своего рода визитной карточкой города. А еще – надеждой на то,…
    Kiev break
    Школьники из Ямполя, Кролевца и Глухова провели осенние каникулы в столице По инициативе и при непосредственной поддержке народного депутата Андрея…
    Queues on the border
    Депутат Деркач просит Премьера вмешаться в катастрофическую ситуацию на украинско-российской границе Народный депутат Андрей Деркач проинформировал Премьер-министра о катастрофической ситуации,…
    In memory of the coach: a tournament
    Гран-при от народного депутата Андрея Деркача завоевала сборная Глухова В Дружбе состоялся межрайонный командный шахматный турнир, посвященный памяти тренера –…
    The Party of Regions want to amend the European Union Association Agreement
    Изменения должны “защитить традиционные ценности”. В парламенте зарегистрирован проект постановления “О Заявлении Верховной Рады Украины: “О необходимости внесения изменений в…
    Deputies from the Party of Regions propose dismissing the head of the State Consumer Inspection due to alleged corruption
    Государственная инспекция по вопросам защиты прав потребителей (Госпотребинспекция) необоснованно наложила астрономические суммы штрафов на розничные торговые сети “Фокстрот”, “Эльдорадо”, Comfy…
    13 “Regional” MPs propose to create a parliamentary group with the participation of Europeans politicians in order to overcome the crisis
    Депутаты фракции Партии регионов обратились к председателю Верховной Рады Украины Владимиру Рыбаку с предложением обсудить вопрос создания постоянно действующей группы…
    Andrii Derkach: ”We need to combat corruption”
    Народный депутат Украины Андрей Деркач прокомментировал распространенную через СМИ области информацию о депутатских запросах Григория Омельченко, в которых руководство Сумщины…
    Serving people
    Именно по такому принципу работает каждая общественная приемная народного депутата Андрея Деркача Недавно на улице случайно стала свидетелем разговора двух…
    Deputies of the majority coalition propose to statutorily transfer the ownership of a range of facilities in Kiev-Pechersk and Pochayiv Lavras to Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate
    Депутаты Верховной Рады Украины зарегистрировали проект закона №9690 “О возвращении объектов культурного наследия религиозных организаций”, рассказал агентству “Интерфакс-Украина” народный депутат…
    MP Andrii Derkach introduced to Verkhovna Rada a draft bill on cybersecurity in Ukraine
    Народный депутат Андрей Деркач внес на рассмотрение Верховной Рады проект закона “Про внесение изменений в некоторые законы (относительно обеспечения кибернетической…
    Andrii Derkach: “The issue with bottled gas must be sorted”
    Во время рабочих поездок народного депутата Украины Андрея Деркача и его встреч с жителями Кролеветчини, Ямпольщины, Глуховщины, Конотопщины и других…
    Andrii Derkach: “Americans are obliged to help Ukraine in building a cutting-edge nuclear facility”
    Действительно важным событием на пути объединения усилий в деле противодействия распространению ядерных материалов и ядерному терроризму назвал народный депутат Андрей…
    A candidate for deputy form UDAR Party Buriak withdrew from candidacy to make way for Derkach of the Party of Regions
    Кандидат в народные депутаты от политической партии “УДАР” Виталия Кличко по мажоритарному округу №159 (г. Глухов, Сумская обл.) Николай Буряк…
    Andrii Derkach: ”The was a lot of provocation and dirty tricks during election campaign”
    Комментируя предварительный результаты выборов в 159 избирательном округе народный депутат Украины Андрей Деркач сказал: – В первую очередь хочу поблагодарить…
    Andrii Derkach: “The problem of outdated pesticides, stored in Sumy region, will be completely resolved.”
    На утилизацию химикатов Сумщине из государственного бюджета выделены 35,5 млн. грн. и 9,8 млн. грн. из областного. Подлежащих обезвреживанию химикатов…
    Andrii Derkach: ”Hlukhiv Institute will finally be upgraded to University.”
    З нагоди свята «Першого дзвоника» до Глухівського коледжу імені С.А. Ковпака СНАУ завітали народний депутат України, почесний громадянин Глухова Андрій…
    MP Andrii Derkach pushed through the Cabinet decree ensuring all World War II disabled veterans of group I had the right use the housing scheme regardless of when they started participating in it.
    Еще в начале мая этого года народный депутат Андрей Деркач адресовал Премьер-министру Украины депутатский запрос, в котором речь шла о…
    Andrii Derkach: “It`s time to cut unjustified medical care benefits for MPs”
    В Секретариате Верховной Рады зарегистрированы документы (регистрационные номера 10483, 10483-2), которые предусматривают передачу Фонду государственного имущества лечебно-оздоровительных санаториев, пансионатов, гостиничных…
    Andrii Derkach:”We strong arm no-one, we always give second chances”
    – Андрей Леонидович, уже больше двух недель и в Верховной Раде, и вокруг нее, и с экранов телевизоров люди видят…